☼kyou wa watashi learnt persuasion☼

this is basically my blog while onii-chans incapacitated anyway

so yeah

am i even weeabooing right


i learnt how to get money more effectively

u should learn too so you can give me other peoples money instead of yours

basically four steps! like the witchchant to summon the nekooosagee!


look at this hedonistic behavior

know that this may possibly be the normal, poisonous salt

dont trust it

kk, fact time:

semichina: take peoples possessions

give people stuff before you ask!!

yeah these are the real facts


youre smart

onii-chan: convince them youre an angel ♥

money doesnt always work as a motivator

*insert look of horror*

bc youll enjoy doing whatever less

and u dont appreciate money


now you know

money is important, mmkay? very very very important

courtesan: charm them with whatever you have! bribe them! extort them! blackmail them! come on im sure youve been on the internet long enough

use humanitys conforming ways to ur advantage~

huh i couldve used chrysanthemum as a thing instead of courtesan

though flowers are sad things

always give ppl chocolates or something

beyond: be like keima in the world god only knows and create situations so that they like u

make ppl unable to take something back like publically making them say something and then be like ‘lol youre such a hypocrite’

because theyll be sad about themselves

and theyll change!!

unless theyve given up

in which the only therapy is animu

yay learninggg!

i cant even go to normal school anymore without onii-chan wanting to see me in my school uniform so this is a nice change

…otherwise, dont worry about him too much, onii-chan can’t continue being in the bathroom forever.


6 thoughts on “☼kyou wa watashi learnt persuasion☼”

  1. sheep(rabbits) don’t belong in the bathroom they belong in the field. As in providing reading material to the masses and being worshipped for it.


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