I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 9

We’re Moving?

See, what did I tell you? {xxx}
Your appraisal result is fine~ {xxx}
Perhaps a bit higher than normal, but … well, I didn’t have enough time. {xxx}
Fufu, it almost got dangerous there for a moment though. {xxx}
Eh, what did you do, me?
No, more importantly, is Omega wolfie still about to rush over here?

I quickly turn to look at the two wolves while putting a bit of distance between us.
Luckily, they’re both just staring at the new appraisal results window though.
It doesn’t look like they’ll be attacking me anytime soon, but I don’t think I should relax that easily.

I don’t know what would have happened if the new result hadn’t shown up in time though.
I’m sure the other me would have taken over in that situation.
It’s not like I can fight.
I’d die instantly you know~?

Anyway, I wonder what’ll happen next?
This was the turning point.
Now that they know I’m not a demon, will they welcome me back into the family?
I really want to believe that they will, but can they even trust me anymore?
I lied to them for almost the entire time I was with them, and on top of that, there’s also the fact that my first appraisal result was corrupted.

Uuu, now that I think about it, didn’t the other me mention something about that?
Did you do something, me?
Fufu, maybe~ {xxx}
Don’t worry about it though. {xxx}
Everything turned out alright in the end didn’t it? {xxx}
We still don’t know for sure though.
After all, those two are still staring blankly at the screen.

Which reminds me, why have they been staring for so long?
My status can’t be that interesting… can it?

Well, yes. {xxx}
Your status is fairly stunning. {xxx}
Is it really?
I thought it was pretty bad though.
I am only a couple of weeks old after all~

Considering you have about the same status as a normal adult male, you’re definitely an abnormal one. {xxx}
Normally, for a child your age, their status is about ten times less. {xxx}
When a normal person gets appraised once they’ve turned a year old, their status would be around five or so. {xxx}

Why is my status so high!?
Is this what you were talking about before, me?
Fufu, nope. {xxx}
That’s all you. {xxx}
Oh, and by the way~, the big one is behind you. {xxx}

I jolt out of my thoughts and quickly spin around.
The other me was right, Omega is standing right there with a strange expression on her face.
I even told myself that I couldn’t let down my guard, and I did just that!
Why didn’t you warn me earlier, me!?
Fufu, was I supposed to? {xxx}
Yes, of course you were!
You’re supposed to be protecting me!

“Alice … “

“Y-yes … mom?”


Oooh, that’s a low blow there, Alice. {xxx}
To call her mom … this is the first time you’ve called her that isn’t it? {xxx}
How can she do anything to you now? {xxx}
How devious~ {xxx}
I love it. {xxx}

“A-anyway, Alice, I wanted to apologize.
You obviously aren’t a demon.
I just have a bit of a bad history with demons, and I got a bit hot-headed about the whole situation.
If I had just calmed down and thought about it, I would have realized you weren’t a demon.
Can you forgive me?”

I was really hoping you’d say that mom!”

I jump into Omega, and while she is surprised at my sudden action, she still hugs me back.
Fufu, see? {xxx}
I did say it would be alright you know~? {xxx}
Ehehe, that you did~
I’m so happy~
Ahh, now if only Regular wolfie did the same, this would be perfect.

I casually glance over at Regular wolfie to see what she’ll do.
She starts to fidget, and then when she seemingly can’t take it any more, she speaks.

I-I’m sorry too, Alice.
I tried not to let it show, but I was still scared that you might have been a demon.
Can you forgive me as well?”

Did she really have to ask though? {xxx}
I wanted to make sure she actually felt remorseful about avoiding me for no reason.
Hoh? {xxx}
To think you had such a side. {xxx}
Fufu, how interesting~. {xxx}

“Ehe~ I’ve already forgiven you big sis!”

I jump into Regular wolfie’s arms after detaching myself from a reluctant Omega.
It’s good to have these two back with me.
It felt like they were so far away.
However, I wonder what will happen now.
The question of how these two would react has been answered, but that still doesn’t change the fact that there’ll be differences now.
Well, I suppose as long as I’m with these two, it doesn’t really matter what happens.

“Your status is outrageous though.
I’d like to know how you became that strong when you’re only weeks old, but I doubt you know the answer either.
However, since your status is like that, it does make this decision easier.
… Alice, Yuki, we’re moving.”

What did Omega just say?
I think she said we’re moving. {xxx}
Oh, okay.
That’s good.
I thought she said we were moving.


“Um, mom, where are we going?”

“Ah, that’s right.
We never talked about it in front of you, Alice.
Our destination is the Shale Labyrinth.
It’s not the most difficult dungeon in the world, but it’s not the easiest either.
With your status, you’ll be fine though.”

“Um, if I may ask, why are we heading there?”

“To train, of course.
Yuki is still at a low level for her age.
Besides, doesn’t it seem like it would be fun?”

While ignoring the panicking me, Omega flashes me a smile.
Did I just join a family of muscle-heads?
Uuuu, maybe I made a mistake.
Fuhahahaha! {xxx}
I was not expecting that. {xxx}
How amusing~ {xxx}

Ah, that’s right.
I’ll be relying on you in this case, me.
Umu, I figured this was coming. {xxx}
Well, I can’t let you fight anyway. {xxx}
We’d die way too easily. {xxx}
Although … perhaps that’d be a good thing? {xxx}
How can us dying be a good thing!?
Fufu, it was a joke. {xxx}
… a joke. {xxx}
Nn, if you say so.
I, for one, don’t want to die.

“Hehe, don’t worry Alice.
Mom is actually pretty strong.
We’ll be okay!”

Yeah, I’m done for.
These muscle-heads are going to get me killed.
You’re my only hope, me!

As I despair the future, the three of us exit the church and start walking towards the edge of town.
Goodbye town.
Although I didn’t get to see if you had that, it was fun walking through you.
May you last a long time.
Who knows, maybe we’ll see each other again one day.
Really? {xxx}
To a town you don’t even know the name of? {xxx}


Author’s Notes:
What’s this?
The story is finally starting to go somewhere?

Thank you for everything so far.

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8 thoughts on “I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 9”

  1. Thanks!
    Is {xxx} is other soul/part of Alice? Like in clamp universe? Where different worlds have different you?
    Eh, it’s still 9 chapters, too soon to discuss it.
    Anyway, here’s some more cat!

    The technical term for a cat’s hairball is a “bezoar.”


    1. i think the {xxx} is her “corrupted{goddess blessing}” or a skill that was born to guide her out of that blessing. kinda like great sage (knowledge king raphael now) from “tensei shittara slime datta ken” was for rimuru


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