I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 8

The Appearance of Appraisal

I don’t think I’ll ever understand what the other me is saying.
However, I do know that she’s on my side, and that’s all I can ask for anymore.
She’s the only one left I can count on.
It’s not like the wolfies trust me anymore.
It could be argued that since she’s me, I don’t have anyone to depend on, but it’s like she’s someone different from me, and yet the same.
Either way, the important thing is that she’s definitely on my side in this.

“Whoa, Alice, you’re so fast!
How did you get that fast without us knowing?”

Regular wolfie’s question snaps me out of my thoughts.
I just stammer out a quick response hoping neither of them get mad at me.

“I-I don’t know…”

“A-ah, w-well, that’s alright.
I’m sure once we’ve seen the results of the appraisal, we’ll know.”

“Alright, let’s go.”

It seems Omega wolfie wants to go ahead and get this over with.
Honestly, so do I.
I’m tired of how cautious these two have been around me.
It’s as if I’m back in the forest, and seeing both Omega wolfie and Regular wolfie for the first time.
This situation is just as scary as that time.
Uuu, I just want to go home.
I want to feel safe again.

I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’s possible anymore. {xxx}
Why don’t you look around, and take your mind off of the situation? {xxx}
Haa, yeah.
You’re right, me.
This is still another world, so who knows, I might see something interesting as we walk around.
Mn, alright.
I can do this.
I’ll be alright!
Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you and your schemes, Dream!

Fufu, it’s good to see you at least a little more spirited again. {xxx}
That’s the you that I love. {xxx}
Nn, thanks, me.
However, I need to pay attention to my surroundings, so stop saying silly things.

Let’s see, now that I can get a good look at this town, I suppose it does look like a typical light novel town.
From the outside, any approaching people would see an impressive wall surrounding the town, with buildings poking out from within.
Well, I say impressive wall, but it’s just a simple thing to keep the beasts out.
If another nation attacked, this wall wouldn’t be enough.

Either way, what’s really important is what’s inside the walls.
I know that there is some place for appraisals in there, but there might also be that.
It was talked about a while ago you know?

Nn, well I’m tired of waiting for a response, so it’s that Adventurer’s Guild.
When I’ve grown up a little bit, and I’m able to do my own thing, I’m totally going to go there.
Who wouldn’t in a situation like this?

While I’m fantasizing about such things, the three of us walk past the gate and into the city.
Lining the road beyond the gate are rows and rows of houses.
I wouldn’t have expected so many houses to have been here.
Are they using some kind of magic?
Huh … how strange.
Oh well, I suppose it doesn’t matter too much.

Anyway, it seems that I’m being sandwiched between Omega and Regular wolfie as we walk.
I wonder if it’s to keep me from escaping before they find out the truth.
Haa, I already get it you two.
I just want to get this over with so we can try to go back to how we were before.
Of course, I don’t actually think it’ll ever truly be the same.
Deep down, there will always be that tiny flicker of distrust for me.
You’re back on negative topics. {xxx}

Alright, after what I’ll call the residential district, we have the shopping district.
As you may be able to imagine, the shopping district is comprised of shops.
There’s hope for the adventurer’s guild at least.
I can see several weapon and armor shops.
Can’t see the guild building yet though.
It may be further in.

Now that I’m actually looking around though, it seems quite a few people are looking at me.
Let’s see, am I clothed?
Yes, Omega wolfie gave me a simple dress to wear before we left.
I don’t think there’s anything on my face.
Hmm, I wonder what it could be.
Fufu, they’re all just stunned by you Alice. {xxx}
Eh, how do you mean?
Maybe you’ll find out when you grow up. {xxx}

Well, whatever.
We’re out of the shopping district now.
However, I don’t really know what to call this new district.
I think I’ll just call it the Amalgam District for now.
It seems to be a mix of quite a few different things, so I think the name fits.

We’re heading towards the largest building in this district.
Why does it always have to be the largest building?
Can’t it just be a small little hut somewhere?
Haa, oh well.
Nothing I can do about it anyway.

Omega wolfie glances at me for an instant before continuing toward the building.
Was I supposed to do something there?
I can’t do whatever you want me to unless you tell me, Omega wolfie.
I inwardly sigh and follow Omega in.
Regular wolfie follows behind the two of us in silence.


As we enter the building, I leak an impressed voice at how sparkly the interior is.
However, at least I know why Omega wolfie glanced at me.
This is a church.
I wonder if she thought that I would react negatively because I’m a demon or something.
Well, sorry to disappoint you Omega wolfie, but I’m not a demon.

Now, where are we going to be going in here?
I wonder if the priest is the one that does the appraisal.
I’ll find out I guess.

The priest, a stereotypical old man, glances at our group and gives a small nod.
Omega wolfie casually returns a nod, and keeps walking.
Is Omega wolfie important or something?
I guess I really don’t know anything about either of the two wolfies.

Haa, anyway, I follow Omega wolfie to a small room in the church.
Inside there’s nothing but a pedestal with a small crystal resting on it.
The rest of the room is white.
It’s almost a painful white.

Anyway, I assume I’ll have to touch the crystal for the appraisal to begin.
I’ll wait for Omega wolfie to say something before I move though.

“Go ahead and touch the crystal Alice.
It won’t hurt you.”

Why is Regular wolfie the one that told me to go and touch it?
Is Omega wolfie that focused on killing me if I’m a demon?
It’ll be fine. {xxx}
I’ll protect you if anything happens. {xxx}
Thanks… I guess…
Alright, let’s get this over with.

I calmly walk up to the crystal, and without showing my fear, place my hand on it.
The light begins to faintly glow, before bursting forth with light.
For some reason, it’s not actually all that bright to me.
However, as the light starts to settle, I see something important floating before me.


“ “ “Eh?” ” ”

Can they see what I’m seeing?
I turn around, and sure enough, I can see the floating window in front of both of them.
However, I wonder why it was corrupted.
Eh, wait a minute.
If it’s showing corrupted, then aren’t I in danger?

Ah, don’t worry. {xxx}
That was my fault. {xxx}
Just an accident. {xxx}
Go ahead and try again. {xxx}

I’m unsure about how it could be the other me’s fault, but she hasn’t led me astray so far, so I’ll try again.
In the corner of my eye, I can see Omega wolfie getting ready to move, so I quickly remove my hand from the crystal and place it back down.
The light shines again, and a new window appears in front of the three of us.

『Name: Alice
Race: Human
Level: 1
HP: 10/10
MP: 10/10
SP: 30/30
ATK: 100
DEF: 100
MGC: 50
RES: 100
SPD: 200
[Cold Resistance Lv2]
[Improved Vision Lv1]
[Agility Lv4]
[Physical Resistance Lv1]
[Movement Lv1]
[Alco Language Lv1]』

《Conditions met. [Appraisal Lv1] acquired》

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              And you can mostly guess the grammar of the story by the synopsis.
              And some improve a lot as they write.

              Frankly, if you ever wander there, I advice you to read “Until Death?” and the other novels from the same author (Andur)
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                1. You can also read Fantasia.
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                  Actually, most of the good stories on RRL put your sanity at risk…
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                2. I recommend Forgotten Conqueror on RRL and more importantly it’s not harem… also Mother of Learning is really really good… it’s about time loop and the MC learned a lot of skills in that time loop… but I’m not sure whether or not MoL is posted on RRL…


  1. Thanks!
    I read some comment above and notice that this wn is yours, right? Cool.
    Anyway, here’s some more cats.

    Cats don’t have sweat glands over their bodies like humans do. Instead, they sweat only through their paws.


  2. Where’s the Goddess blessing title? Also is Alice the reincarnated man? She sometimes act like a really small child and then suddenly talks about otherworldly… Has Mc brain somehow damaged or is Alice the original inhabitants of the girl body?
    Thanks for the chapter.


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