I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 6

Alice? What’s That?

《Status Confirmed: Deceased》
《[Corrupted Entry] executing》
《Body reformation process started》
《Body reformation process completed》
《Every basic ability has risen》
《[Physical Resistance Lv1] acquired》
《[Movement Lv1] acquired》
《Conditions met. [Goddess’s Blessings] executing》
《[Alco Language Lv1] acquired》
《Restarting life processes》

“W-what happened here?”

“… I… I don’t know, Mom.
I wanted to play with Alice some more, so I returned home early, but she was gone!”

“That’s impossible!
It’s not like she can just walk away.
She’s not even a month old yet!”

“I know!
Which is why I got worried and followed her scent…
I was too late though!
Those disgusting creatures had already killed her!”

Nnn, why is it so noisy?
And more importantly, what’s that about someone dying?
Haa, I knew it was going to happen, but it’s still an unpleasant feeling every time. {xxx}
What do you mean?
… It would be pointless to explain it to you now. {xxx}
I’m sure your mind would just break even more. {xxx}
Sometimes I don’t understand you, me.
Fufu, and that’s perfectly fine. {xxx}
If that’s what keeps you safe, then I’ll play the fool. {xxx}

Anyway, don’t you need to make sure the two wolves are alright? {xxx}
Ah, right.
They sound distressed.
I wonder if that’s because of whoever died.
Un, regardless, I have to comfort them.
They’ve been so nice to me these past two weeks.

So, while the two wolfies are crying together, I carefully make my way towards them.
When did I get into this pit?
Ah, wait no, that’s not really important right now.

The two wolfies are still crying as I finally make my way out of pit.
It was a much easier climb than it looked though.
I wonder why?
Well, there’s no use thinking about pointless things.
Omega wolfie and regular wolfie are in need of some good hugs.

I carefully move around to the side of the two, and try to give them both the best hug I can possibly give.
However, I forgot one important thing…
I’m still a baby!
It’s not like I can give them both a hug that easily, even if they are as close together as they are!
The best I can do it put my hands on both of them.

And, that’s exactly where I find myself.
I have a hand on each wolfie while I stand in between the two of them trembling because I can’t hug them.
Well, the trembling is because of that and the fact that they’ll know I can walk now.
B-but it’s mostly the hugging thing.
I’m definitely not afraid of what might happen because I ran away from home.
Un, of course not!

Ignoring the me that’s worrying, omega wolfie and regular wolfie turn towards me like broken machines.
Then, almost immediately afterwards, they both break out into fresh tears and wrap me up in a hug.
Nnn, I’m not used to affection like this.
Still, I wonder why they seem so happy to see me.
What about the person that died?
Fufu, maybe they’re just relieved that they managed to find you, and that you’re safe. {xxx}
U-un, I guess that’s true.
I scared them didn’t I?
Yes, but the important thing is that they know you’re safe now, so don’t worry about it, me. {xxx}

“Haa, I was so sure something had happened to you.
I’m glad you’re safe, Alice.”

Who’s this “Alice” person?
Wait wait wait a minute, isn’t there something more important I need to be paying attention to?
Well, I suppose so. {xxx}
I kinda like the name Alice at least. {xxx}
Well, so do I, but more importantly than that, didn’t I just understand omega wolfie!?
I wonder~ {xxx}
Uuu, enough out of you.
You’re no help.
I’ll just have to ask her myself.

“Erm, omega wolfie, can you understand me?”

Both omega wolfie and regular wolfie jump back from me at my words.
How rude!
I was just trying to ask a question.
There’s no need to react like that.

“Uh, Mom, did Alice just speak?”

“I-I think so?”

“Who is this Alice person anyway?
Oh, and by the way, I guess I can somehow understand what both of you are saying, you know?”

“Mom … what do we do?”

“I don’t know.
Just don’t say anything for a bit.
Let me handle this.”


“Well, Alice is the name of my other daughter.
She looks a lot like you, but she’s not even a month old yet.
There’s no way she’d be able to walk around or even speak because of that.
In that case, I’d like to ask you what you did to my baby.”

“B-but, I am that baby.
I don’t remember being named Alice, but that’s because I couldn’t understand the two of you!”

“Don’t lie demon!”




W-why is omega wolfie calling me a demon?
I didn’t do anything did I?
Well, think about it from their perspective. {xxx}
If you were them, and the baby you thought you had been taking care of for the past two weeks suddenly walked up to you and started talking, wouldn’t you react similarly? {xxx}
W-well, when you put it that way, I guess I can understand it, but right now aren’t I in a dangerous spot?
Aren’t you supposed to help me in these situations!?
Fufu, well I could, but in this particular case, you’re surprisingly better suited to handle it than I. {xxx}
Ah, see, just watch. {xxx}
The seeds you planted are already beginning to bear fruit. {xxx}
Are we even talking about the same thing?

“M-mom, you made her cry…”

She’s just a demon.
Don’t worry about her.
More importantly, we need to find out what happened to Alice!”

“No, but Mom, I think that is Alice.
I don’t know why she can walk and talk, but that should be her.
Didn’t you say it yourself once, that she has intelligence in her eyes, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if she could understand us?”

“Ugh, i-it’s true that I said that, but I never actually expected her to be able to speak!
Besides, how then do you explain her ability to walk?”

“Just look at her mom, doesn’t she look a bit older than a month by now?
I wouldn’t be surprised if she was developed enough to be able to walk around.
Maybe she’s one of the quick-aging species.
There are quite a lot of them…”

“Umu, I suppose that could be the case.

Haa, I already can’t win against you.
What’s going to become of me when you’re all grown up?
Regardless, I still can’t trust her that easily.”

Ah, then how about we get her appraised!
She looks old enough to take the test now.
Maybe you’ll be convinced that way.”

That’s a good idea.
Alright, Alice, let’s go.
We’ll go see whether or not you’re telling the truth.”

Is … is this that?
Will I finally get to meet the all-powerful appraisal!?
I think there’s something a bit more important going on at the moment though… {xxx}

Author’s Note:
I’m sure some of you will have some questions after this chapter.
Questions such as “Why did our protagonist forget about falling into the pit?” among other things.
Worry not, these questions will be answered in time.

Also, the “other” voice talking to our beloved main character is now denoted by “{xxx}” after the lines she speaks.
The “xxx” will clear up as time goes by.

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