I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 5

It Seems Insanity Leveled Up

It’s been two weeks since I started living with omega wolfie and regular wolfie.

I still can’t understand a word they’re saying.

I-it’s not like I didn’t try though you know?
It’s just, how am I supposed to learn a new language in two weeks!?
I obviously didn’t get any skills that would make this easier for me, so all I can do is focus on their conversations the entire time!

I can’t do that though, because I’m a baby!
My mind isn’t developed enough to handle the amount of strain I’m putting on it!

Uuu, I just want to talk to someone.
I feel like I’ll go crazy if I don’t talk to someone soon.

Aren’t you forgetting something?
If you don’t have anyone to talk to, I’m always here.
Un, that’s true, but if I talk to myself all the time, everyone is going to think I’m crazy!
Well, isn’t that their problem?
… Nnn… I don’t want to get strange looks because of it though.
Fufu, think about it another way then.
If they look at you strangely because you’re enjoying a pleasant conversation with good company, then they’re fools who don’t deserve your attention.
Hmm… I guess if I think about it that way, then it’s not so bad.
… Right?
Of course!
Think about it, why would I ever do anything to hurt you?
I’m you after all.
That’s true.
Alright, I’m feeling a lot better now.
Thanks me!

What’s that?
You’re tired of hearing about me already?
You want to hear about what the wolfies are doing?
Tch, well that’s rude.
I don’t care anymore.

Anyway, both omega wolfie and regular wolfie are out hunting right now.
I mean, why else do you think I had the leisure to think about pointless things?
Besides, they’re both in wolf form anyway.
Since they can’t talk in that form for some reason, it wouldn’t matter even if they were here.
So, I’ve been sitting around … bored out of my mind.

Ah, I almost forgot.
There is one thing that changed over these two weeks.
I’ve gotten a lot stronger than what should be normal.
I can actually walk at this point.
That’s not something a two weeks old baby should be able to do you know?
Hehehe, if you think about it, aren’t I amazing?
Oi, you, praise me more!
N-no wait, I’m sorry.
I got a little excited there.

Fuu, alright.
I’m better now.
Where was I again?
You were talking about how you’re able to walk now.
Mn, right.
As I was saying, although I can already walk, omega wolfie and regular wolfie still don’t know about it.
I don’t know how they’d react to it, and I don’t want them to hurt me for being strange like this.
However, when it’s like this, and both regular wolfie and omega wolfie are out hunting, I like to stand up and move around.
It feels really good to be the able to move around freely.

I have to be incredibly careful about this though, because they could come back at any time.
So, with extreme caution, I look around the cave several times to first make sure that they didn’t come back while I was distracted.
Un, all clear so far.
I watch the entrance of the cave as I slowly stand up.
The important thing about this, is that if I see them coming into the cave, I can easily fall down and make it seem like I was just using the edge of this basket to move around.
Umu, all good so far.
Haa, it feels good to stand up after all.

Let’s see, where should I go today?
I’ve already walked around and explored every inch of this cave, so I want to go outside, but I don’t know how dangerous it is out there.
Fufu, in that case, if it gets dangerous I’ll protect you.
Ah, I guess that’s fine.
Alright, so if it gets dangerous, I’ll leave it to you, me!
Fufu, understood.
Now that we’ve got that issue taken care of, onwards, to the outside!

I jump down off the table the basket is lying on, and start running towards the cave entrance.
I’m looking forward to this.
The fresh air!
The wind teasing my face as I run!
The crunching of the leaves beneath my feet!
No good.
I’m starting to drool just thinking about it.

Hurry up body of mine, I want to get there as soon as possible!
I push myself just a little more to get to the outside even just a second faster.
It’s not like this cave is all that large though…

《Skill threshold reached. [Agility Lv1] has become [Agility Lv2]》

It seems I’ve gotten a bit faster.
Huhu, how convenient.
I had almost forgotten about the existence of the skill system.
The time it takes for these skills to level up leaves a lot to be desired, but I’ll take it for now.
It’s not like I really need skills at the moment anyway.

I’ve reached the precipice of safety and the unknown.
As I go off into the darkness of the unknown ahead of me, remember me, for I shall stay alive for as long as at least one person remembers me.

No, what’s with that speech?
It sounds like you’re heading off to war or something.
Mn, listen me.
Life … is a battlefield.
N-no, sorry.
It’s just, you saying that in such a serious voice was way too funny.
Uuu, don’t make fun of me, me!
Hehe, I’m sorry.
Just go off and enjoy your “dark unknown” … p-puhaha!

Hmph, I’ll just ignore the one making fun of me for now.
Anyway, if I didn’t already know this was a dream, I’d surely be impressed by this world.
It’s just so beautiful.
Honestly, I could just stand here and admire the view the entire time, but I have something I need to do first.
Ah, but I forgot about an important piece of information… there’s snow everywhere.

Mn, well, I hope my [Cold Resistance Lv2] will be good enough for running around out here.
I’m wearing the baby clothes that omega wolfie pulled from somewhere a while ago, but it’s not all that warm.
I think I’m meant to stay under the blanket most of the time.
Hmm, nothing to be done about it now I guess.
It’s already too late anyway.
This outside world has already started drawing me towards its loving embrace.

Goodbye cave.
It’s been fun, but now that I’ve experienced this sensation, I can never go back to you.
Umu, although I’ll miss you, it’s time for this bird to leave the nest.

I start running, and I don’t look back.
This is the most exhilarating experience I’ve had so far.
Mmm, this is truly how it should be.
The feeling of the wind brushing against my skin as I run is the best.
It’s like being embraced by a warm pillow.
… or maybe omega wolfie.
She’s warm.
She also has some impressive pillows…
Uuu, just thinking about it makes me depressed.
I was male in my last life, but if I’m going to be female in this dream, then I might as well live like one right?
In that case, I can be jealous of omega wolfie’s assets right?
Ah, I keep getting distracted.
Luckily I can keep running while I’m distracted though.

Anyway, since I don’t really know where to go, I think I’ll just keep running straight and see what’s out that way.
So far I’ve seen nothing but trees and snow.
There may be an animal or two here or there, but it’s usually just a rabbit in the distance.
Hmm, I don’t think there’ll be anything for you to do, me.
It doesn’t look like there’s any danger.
At least, there hasn’t been any so far.
Mn, well, that’s fine too.
I’d much rather watch you happily run around.
T-thanks, and … sorry for being mean to you earlier.
Fufu, it’s fine.
I love you too much to get angry at you after all.

U-um, there really isn’t much out here though.
I’ve been running for at least 5 minutes already, but I’m pretty much alone here.
Not that I’m complaining though.
It’s nice to not have to worry about any monsters attacking me.
Just means I can carefreely run around.

While I continued to run around and enjoy myself, I hear something moving around close by.
I turn to look at the noise, but I can’t see anything.
The noise is getting closer though, so couldn’t this be a bad situation?
Um, me, could you take over?
Fufu, alright.
Let’s see what dares to mess with us.

Ignoring the threatening atmosphere I’m giving off, the presence continues to approach.
It’s almost as if this thing has a death wish.
Fufu, I don’t plan on giving it any mercy though.
Even if it could be forgiven since it doesn’t know who exactly it’s daring to mess with.
Regardless, if you want to attack this body, you better be prepared to die.
I get into a battle ready stance, just in case this thing comes out and starts attacking me.

The rustling is almost upon me now, so the source of the noise should be visible soon.
A … fairy?
Yeah, I guess I could call that a fairy.
Anyway, that’s what emerged after the rustling got close enough.
Fuu, this is actually kinda disappointing, but whatever, I already resolved myself, so I guess you’ll have to die now fairy.

No, wait!
Hmm, what is it?
It’s a fairy you know, a fairy!
Fufu, I assume you want to play with it then?
Un, of course!
Fairies are supposed to be harmless, so it should be alright to play with it for a while … right?
You know I can’t say no to you.
Enjoy yourself okay?
Of course!

Now, let’s play fairy!
It seems the fairy only just now notices me though, because it takes to the air in a hurry.
Although it had been walking so peacefully before…
I’m sorry!

I hesitantly approach the fairy, and try to show it that I mean no harm.
The fairy is still a bit cautious, but it flies a little closer to me anyway.
Now that I can get a good look at the fairy, is it male or female?
It doesn’t have any features that would distinguish it, but it does look like I’d expect fairies to look.
It’s essentially just a tiny human with wings.

Mn, now this is what I was talking about.
It’s things like this that I want to see.
Haa, Dream, you can do kind things from time to time too huh?
Well, I still don’t trust you, but at the very least, seeing this fairy does help a bit.

The fairy seems to have accepted me, and starts pulling my hand.
I won’t love you just because you started being friendly towards me.
It’s not that easy to win me over you know?
I start running with the fairy.
The fairy has a happy expression, but I wonder where we’re heading.
Well, it’s not like I know this forest anyway, so I’ll just enjoy the run with Fairy.

This is so much fun!
Fairy is really tiny though.
I knew fairies were small, but it’s different seeing one in person like this.

As I keep running with Fairy, I see a clearing up ahead.
I wonder if that’s where Fairy lives.
It would be nice to meet all the other fairies.
Eeeh… I’m drooling again.
Uuu, I’m not looking forward to it that much.


Did I hear regular wolfie’s voice?
Does she know where the fairy village is?
That’s strange.
Oh well, she’ll just meet us there.
Let’s keep going Fairy!

I know I said all that, but how did I get into this situation?
Did you notice anything, me?
Tch, no, and it makes me furious.
If I ever see that fairy again, I’m going to rip it into pieces.
Well, I don’t think we’ll ever see Fairy again…
There’s a spike pit down there you know?
I think this is the end, me.
Fufu, well if that’s the case, then I’ll see you on the other side.
What do you-

Author’s Note:
Well, that was a little bit more action than what’s been going on at least.
For those wondering why it’s been something of a “roller coaster ride” with our little protagonist lately, it’s because a new character is starting to make their debut.
It won’t be until next chapter that the difference between the two clears up.

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11 thoughts on “I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 5”

  1. To show you my gratitude, i will give you random facts about cat.

    Cats have about 130,000 hairs per square inch (20,155 hairs per square centimeter)

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    1. Actually, in old legends, fairies weren’t good.
      Fae (be it fairies, celtic elves and others) had the reputation of kidnapping children and replacing them with changeling.
      Or they just killed them by leading them with pretty colors.


    2. The Fae are traditionally separated into two groups. You could call them the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. The Seelie Court are Fae that value beauty and are called light fairies. The Fae of that court tend to be what humans have called “the good” fairies. The Unseelie Court are generally goblins, ogres, and the like. People have fallen into the habit of considering the two courts as two different types of Fae, but they are really more akin to political factions. Even considering one side good and one evil is wrong. The Unseelie are of the opinion that they should actively use and abuse humans as slaves/tools/food/entertainment, while the Seelie don’t disagree, they just want to put a pretty face on it. An ogre or goblin wants to eat a human girl? Kidnap them and trash their home. A Seelie wants to eat a human girl? Seduce her and use magic to make her unable to understand what’s happening. An Unseelie wants a slave? Take the first human they see. A Seelie? Kidnap a baby from their crib, leaving a changeling replacement, and raising the kid as a slave. Even little fairies will play malicious and dangerous pranks on those of other races.

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  2. This MC thinks like me when I’m bored…
    I’m not insane.

    I bet the author thinks that way sometimes, to be able to write it out.
    If so, its a small world, huh? For someone else to think in the same odd way.

    Seeing the comments calling her insane makes me feel embarrassed somehow…
    Is that how it would look if someone was reading my mind..?
    … embarrassing….


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