I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 4

New Home … Get?

Hello again.
It’s me, the nameless hero of this dream.
Or, at least I assume that’s my role.
Then again, I wouldn’t put it past Dream to make me a bystander in this world.
After all, he did drop me out in the middle of nowhere hoping I’d die.

Well, too bad!
The joke’s on you, Dream!
These two wolves found me and decided to take care of me.
Well, I don’t really know why they decided to do it, but that doesn’t matter.
Your plot to kill me was still foiled.
I won’t let you win that easily you know?

I need to stay calm.
Don’t allow Dream the satisfaction.
Besides, if I get distracted over every little thing, nothing would ever happen you know?
Haven’t you grown a little bit, me?
Eh, have I?
That’s right, I need to stop getting distracted by everything!

Let’s see what’s going on…
Where are we?
When did we get to this cave?
Did anything happen along the way?
Agh, if something did happen, then I missed it!

There should have been at least one event right?
Did any bandits or wild animals attack?
Uuu, these two can’t understand me to answer.
That’s not fair~
I was just thinking you know?
You can’t do this to me!
I demand a redo!

What’s that?
You’re saying that omega wolfie and regular wolfie are the wild animals that are supposed to attack?
Umu, I suppose you’re right.
How~ever, they’re in human form right now, right?
S~o, that means that their opportunity to attack has already passed.
Obviously, since they didn’t do anything to me, they aren’t enemies.
Un, besides, how could someone so warm possibly be dangerous?

Still, while I’m glad omega wolfie and regular wolfie aren’t going to attack me, I want a normal light novel situation as well!
Everything that’s happened so far has been a lot different from the stories I’ve read!
Well, besides the skill thing.
I’m not counting that though.
Is it too wrong to ask for a little of the stereotypical stuff?
Of course it is, you already know how Dream is, me.
Haa, you’re right, me.
I should know better than that.

Ignoring the me that’s dreaming of pointless things, regular wolfie skips into the cave, leaving me and omega wolfie behind.
Omega wolfie sighs, but then follows regular wolfie in, carrying me with her as well.

As we walk through the cave, I try to look at anything and everything, but it’s difficult since omega wolfie is holding me tight against her chest.

Seeing me squirm around, omega wolfie looks down at me and smiles.
I don’t want your pretty smiles!
I want to see what’s going on!

Why did I start paying attention again?
If I can’t see anything, then what’s the point?
No no, you can’t say that, me.
You can’t just shut everything out and sit alone with your thoughts forever.
I mean I know we’re pretty good conversation, but you have to experience other things as well.
Mmm… while I don’t want to accept it, you’re right, me.
Let’s put our all into this!

I still can’t see anything though.

What’s happening now?
I’m being set down?
I… I can see?
I can see!
… not that there’s much to see though.

It’s a cave.
That’s the best way to describe what I’m looking at.
There may be a bed and a rug in here, but that just makes it a cave with furnishings.
I was set down in a basket presumably on a table, but I can’t move my head enough to see the table, so I don’t know for sure.

Curse you, weak body!
One day I’ll be able to do things.
So, just you wait, you’re going to regret the day…
I’ve already done this spiel haven’t I?
Yes, yes you have.
Tch, well whatever, at least you get the idea.



Are you two trying to talk to me again?
You should already know by now that I can’t understand you.

Suu, haa…
Alright, I need to calm down.
No need to get angry at those two just because I can’t move around.
Still though, I want to do something!
There’s nothing to do though.
I’m just a baby.
It’s not like I can do all that much.

Perhaps there’s something else I can do though.
But … what?
Well, why don’t we try learning their language?
If we can do that, we may be able to communicate.
Were you always this smart, me?
Sometimes, it feels like there’s another, smarter person in here with me, but that can’t be the case.
I’m not crazy you know?
Mhm, how could I be insane in a situation like this?

What’s that?
You’re saying I’m definitely crazy?
That’s rude.
I’ll have you know I’m completely sane.

Anyway, let’s see what the two of them are up to.
It looks like omega wolfie is having a discussion with regular wolfie.
I wonder what it’s about?
Logically, it’d be about me, but nothing has been logical thus far, so that can’t be the case.
Eh, could it be?
They brought me back to their home so that they could eat me without being interrupted?
I thought I could trust you wolfies, and now you’ve betrayed me!
It was bad enough the first time regular wolfie betrayed me, but now even you omega wolfie!?

Ah, wait.
Let’s think about this.
Omega wolfie carried me all the way here, and was gentle the entire time.
Then, when we got here she even gave me another blanket and securely tucked me into this basket (which I assume is my bed?).
Would she do that if they were just going to eat me?

Well, I don’t believe they would, but this is another world created by that Dream, so I have to stay wary.

So, since I can’t do anything else, I’ll stare at them.
Omega wolf notices my stare, and says something to me.
I disregard it though.
It’s not like I learned your language all of a sudden omega wolfie.

“Mom, I don’t think she can understand us.”

“I know.
Sometimes it just looks like she can though.
However, it doesn’t matter too much.
I only wanted to tell her, welcome home, after all.”

Author’s note:
If you’ve been waiting for something to happen, don’t worry.
I have some action planned for next chapter.
Hopefully you will all enjoy it.

Also, that thought within a thought though.

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18 thoughts on “I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 4”

  1. Interesting story so far but somewhat hard to follow. It would make it easier to read if you at least put white space between the different sides of the conversation. A different color or a different font would be even better.

    Possible typo in the sentence, “Logically, it’d be about me, but nothing has been logical this far, so that can’t be the case.”

    Shouldn’t it be ‘logical thus far’ or better yet ‘logical so far’?
    The latter is far more common than the former, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen ‘logical this far’ before, probably because it doesn’t make any sense.

    The word ‘this’ is used as either a pronoun, a determiner, or an adverb, none of which make sense in the context.

    Thanks for the chapter.


    1. Yep. “This” in that situation was a mistake that I didn’t catch, so thanks for pointing it out. Also, I did learn a little bit and later chapters have the two sides a bit more defined. This early on, it was meant to show that she was insane, and talking to herself essentially.


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