I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 3

Wolfie Didn’t Betray Me?


How could you betray me like this wolfie!?
I thought we were friends!
Friends don’t bring the final boss to their friends you know!?
It’s as if you wanted to kill me!

Umu, no, I understand.
I was the only one with these feelings of friendship.
You’re a wolf, it’s only natural you wouldn’t feel anything besides hunger towards me.
How~ever, why did you have to bring that monster with you!?

Ah, but wait, if that giant wolf is the alpha, then maybe wolfie is offering this delectable me to it instead of eating me itself.
Un, I suppose I can respect that side of you wolfie.
You still broke this fragile heart of mine when you betrayed me, but at the very least, I can see why you did what you did.

Alright then giant wolfie, feast upon me as you like.
I may not offer much, but I’m pretty sure I’m delicious.

Ah, but with a wolf that size, wouldn’t I just be eaten whole?
That means I’d have to deal with the stomach acid?
Mn, no thank you giant wolfie.
I’ll have to respectfully take back my offer.
You can go now.

Didn’t you hear me?
I said you could leave you know?
Why are you looking at me like wolfie did back then?
Guu, I bet there’s something on my face.
Just my luck.

It seems the omega wolfie has decided on something.
Are you going to eat me or not?
I don’t really want you to, but it’s not like I can stop you.
Now, come.
This is all a dream anyway.

Contrary to my expectations, the omega wolfie steps back, taking regular wolfie with it.
Am I smelly or something?
At this point I’m just getting depressed that none of you want to eat me.
Uuu, how cruel.

… the omega wolfie started to glow.
Ah wait, so did regular wolfie.
What does this mean?
Could it be, are they calling out to all of their wolfie friends so they can have a party with me as the main dish?
Fufu, I knew I was delicious, but there’s a limit to the flattery I’ll accept you know?

Ignoring the me that’s trying to roll around with delusions in my head, wolfie and omega wolfie glow even brighter.
It still isn’t all that bright though.
I wonder if that’s because I already had to deal with the brightness when I first woke up.
Eh, who knows.
Anyway, it seems the brightness is starting to fade.

… HUH!?

No wait, I need to be calm in situations like this.
Otherwise, Dream wins.
However, nicely played, Dream.
I wasn’t expecting such a curve ball.
Who could have expected that omega wolfie and regular wolfie would transform into humans?
It seems I’ll have to prepare myself for whatever tricks Dream wants to play next.

Anyway, let’s get a good look at these two.
So, it seems omega wolfie became an adult woman, and that would mean regular wolfie is the childish girl standing next to her.

With shimmering blue hair, eyes that shine like rubies, and a healthy glow to her skin, I’d say regular wolfie could totally pass for a model once she’s grown a bit older.
Un, I do like the childlike innocence she still has though.
Yes, her waist-length twintails and childish face suit her really well.
…Wait a minute.
Did I call her a model?
Yes, yes you did.
Enough out of you!
More importantly, what is someone that pretty doing out here!?
Umu, if regular wolfie is this pretty though, I’m afraid to look at omega wolfie.

If regular wolfie is on the level of a model, then omega wolfie is on the level of a goddess.
While regular wolfie has those childish looks going for her, omega wolfie has the air of maturity, but she still somehow manages to look youthful.
That’s just unfair you know?
There’s a lot of people back in my past life that wanted to look like this but couldn’t.
Ah, right.
She has shoulder length white hair with flecks of blue in it, golden eyes that make you feel as if you’re in the presence of royalty, and flawless skin that makes you think a goddess is standing before you.
It’s scary how beautiful omega wolfie is.
Uuu, now that I’m a girl, is this how it feels to have your sense of beauty completely crushed?

Just ignore it me, I’m sure you’ll be pretty too.
Y-you really think so?
Un, of course I do.
You’re me after all.
Hehe, you’re right, me.
I’m a genius aren’t I?
Mm, I’m feeling better now.

And while I’m thinking about pointless things, omega wolfie and regular wolfie walk closer.
Thinking about it, shouldn’t I stop calling them that now?
It doesn’t feel right to call a human that pretty a “wolfie” …
… eh, whatever.
That has been their names so far, so I’m going to keep calling them that.
It’s their fault for tricking me anyway.



Um, I hate to interrupt, but I have no idea what the two of you are saying.
Wait a minute, in these types of situations, aren’t I supposed to have a convenient translation skill or something?
You’d even take that from me, Dream?
Nn, I see.
I finally know who the true final boss is.
It’s you isn’t it, Dream?
fu … kuku … hahaha
I see.
It all makes sense now.
All these terrible situations I’ve been in, it’s all because you’ve been trying to end this fight before it even begins.
Well fine!
I’ll show you!

… Um … me?
Yes, what is it?
You know, I’m pretty sure you already said something like that already.
Besides, those two are looking at us curiously.
… It’s true.
While I was declaring war against Dream, the two wolfies were staring at me.
Uuu, this is so embarrassing.

Please just leave me be.
I just want to die alone with my shame at this point.
No, what are you doing omega wolfie?
Why are you picking me up, and why do you look so excited regular wolfie?

Mn, it’s so warm.
I take it back omega wolfie.
I’ll forgive you for being absurdly pretty.
Just let me stay here forever.
I’d be okay living the rest of my life like this.

We started walking?
Eh, whatever.
I just want to lie here forever.
Mm, it’s so comfortable.
I want to take a nap.
You’d miss quite a bit if you did though, right me?
Ah~ yes yes.
Whatever you say.
If you keep napping, regular wolfie is going to poke your cheek though?


Tch, she still poked me you know.
It seems all my outburst did was make her even happier.
Whatever, just leave me alone you traitor.
Also, what have those two been talking about since a while ago?
I still can’t understand you, so speak in words I can understand!

Nnn, don’t ignore me either!

Fine, I’m done with you two as well.
All I need is omega wolfie’s warmth.
It’s not like I wanted to talk with you two anyway.

Where are we headed anyway?

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16 thoughts on “I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 3”

  1. If the white wolf is the pack leader, then it’s called the alpha. The omega is the lowest ranked wolf in the pack.


    1. Yeah. Somehow Alice understands that, but uses Omega in a way unrelated to wolf packs, and instead means something like “the greatest form” … or something like that. Omega Wolfie is definitely an Alpha.


        1. Yeah. That kind of Omega is what Alice was thinking about.
          Curse that Dream guy though.
          Imagine how the story would be if it wasn’t a dream?


  2. Hmmm if it’s possible wouldn’t it be amusing to start having the voices in her head start talking in different fonts or something to make them more differetiated.


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