I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 12

The Start of an Actual Arc? Preposterous!

While Mom was hugging me, other me filled me in on what happened while I was asleep.
It sounds like she did some pretty amazing things.
Even if it was also incredibly frightening.

She took on full grown adults you know?
I mean, she still won, but it’s the thought of what would have happened if she hadn’t.
Mom probably would have saved us, but still, it’s a bit scary to think about.

Anyway, we’re pretty close to the labyrinth now, and although we had that little bump in the road, nothing else happened along the way.
Hoh? {xxx}
That’s not entirely true and you know it. {xxx}
Mn, I know…
B-but it’s not like those events were anything worth talking about!

The most exciting thing out of all of them was when that bear surprised us.
Fufu, true. {xxx}
That was pretty exciting. {xxx}
It’s too bad that Aria is so strong though. {xxx}
I was hoping to at least let a little loose. {xxx}
Hmph, you know Mom wouldn’t like that.

Anyway, why do you call Mom, Aria?
I know that’s her real name and everything, but if she’s my Mom, she’s yours too.
Hmm… {xxx}
How should I answer this? {xxx}
Should I tell you the truth, and reveal one of the plotlines of this story, or do I keep it to myself, and continue to tease you? {xxx}
What do you mean?

“Wake up Alice, we’re here.”

“I-I wasn’t sleeping, Mom!
I just got distracted!”

“Haha, I know Alice.
I was just teasing you.
No need to get so embarrassed.”

“Haa, it’s good that you’re here Alice.
Now, Mom won’t pick on me all the time.”

Both Mom and Yuki send smirks in my direction before continuing on towards the town visible in the distance.

Haa, I guess I better give up for now.
You win this round, other me.
If it wasn’t for the fact that Mom and Yuki will make jokes about it, I’d keep pestering you to answer.
I learned my lesson the last time they made fun of my ‘daydreaming’.

Since I don’t hear any responses from other me, I start trying to catch up to Mom and Yuki.
It’s still a bit difficult since their legs are longer than mine, but one day that won’t be the case.
Then again, my body seems to be all messed up growth-wise, so I have no idea if there will be any side-effects or not.
… I hope not.


What was that?
I look around, but I can’t see anything out of place, so I shrug it off and keep running.

– {xxx}’s perspective –

While Alice is running to catch up with Aria and Yuki, I need to think about this.
It certainly isn’t good.
Something dangerous is ahead, but I’m not strong enough to determine what it is.

Haa, this really isn’t good.
Whatever it is, it’s far stronger than Aria.

Ah, but wait, couldn’t this be a good thing?
Fufu, now that I think about it, it may have been a blessing that Alice shrugged off the pressure and kept running forward.
Could it be that I can finally have some fun?

Ahh, how nice.
To finally have some fun.
I’m going to enjoy this immensely.

Ah, but you want to know the best part?
Aria won’t be able to stop me.
She’ll be too busy protecting Yuki from the monster, so I’ll be free to do whatever I want.
Hehe, I’ll make sure of that.

Hold on a moment.
There … there’s something else.
Inside the pressure from that monster, it-it’s almost as if…

To think that I’d encounter another one of them.
I thought they had all died after that day.

Hmm, I’ll have to make sure I keep track of that person.
I don’t want to lose such a valuable resource.
Aah, I feel so happy that I can’t contain myself!

Um, other me, are you okay? {Alice}
I feel weird. {Alice}
It’s like I’m happy, but not at the same time. {Alice}
Do you know anything about it? {Alice}

Mn, sorry Alice.
I’m just so happy right now.
That’s probably what you’re feeling.

E-eh? {Alice}
Oh… okay. {Alice}
As long as you’re alright. {Alice}

Fufu, I’m better than alright, Alice.
I’m absolutely wonderful.

– Alice’s perspective –

Other me is acting really weird today.
Well, I suppose she’s her own person, so I don’t have to worry about her all the time.
Then again, considering she’s me … maybe I should worry?
Uuu, I don’t know~

Hmph, whatever.
It doesn’t matter.
While she was mumbling to herself, I managed to catch up to Mom and Yuki.
I wish they hadn’t started running in middle of my attempts to catch up though.

Haa, now we’re already at the town.
Speaking of, I should introduce myself.
It’s always a good idea to let the town know who you are.
You’re guaranteed to have a better time … probably.

So, with that said, Hello To-


W-why’s everything blowing up when I try to introduce myself?
Do you hate me that much, town?

While I’m lost in thought about how a town could hate me, I hear a noise.

“I-is that the sound of someone screaming?”

It sounds like it’s getting closer too.”

“Mom, Alice, look above you!”

I turn to look above me, and see a figure steadily falling towards us.
I wonder how someone got so high up?
Magic maybe?

I wonder if it was that explosion from earlier?
That could probably do it.
What do you think, other me?
Eh? {xxx}
What? {xxx}
Haa, nevermind.
Sometimes I don’t know why I even try.

I can feel other me’s confusion, but I don’t plan on explaining myself anytime soon.
Meanwhile, I watch as Mom easily manages to catch the falling man.
Fuu, at least he’s alright.
I should care more, but I’m not in a great mood at the moment.


Mom returns to us after making sure the man is okay, and notices my sigh.

Are you alright?”

“Just peachy.”

Is that an attitude I hear?”

After hearing the danger in Mom’s voice, I glance to the side and see Yuki with a pained face, begging me to reconsider.
Even worse is Mom, who has the face of a demon.
I-I guess this is where the story ends everyone.
It’s been fun.

Okay, so I’m not going to include the immense amount of apologizing and begging I did to get Mom to forgive me.
T-that kind of stuff is embarrassing you know?

Luckily though, it paid off, and Mom forgave me.

Now, we’re resting at an inn in town.
I think it was called ‘Dead Inn’d’ or something.
I don’t know who came up with such a terrible name, but at least the beds are comfortable.

I haven’t had an actual bed since before I woke up as a baby, so this is really nice.
Oh, and the bed is really really fluffy.
I can’t forget to mention that.
It’s ve~ry important you know~?

“Alright, Alice.
Enough daydreaming.
Time to actually go to sleep.”

“… okay~.
Do you still have to tease me though?”

Ugh, I wonder if Mom will ever stop teasing me.
Of course, Yuki isn’t any better since she just laughs.

Regardless, hopefully we don’t have to go into the labyrinth tomorrow.
I wanna have at least one day of relaxation you know?
With these muscleheads though, I doubt I’ll get that day.

Haa, I guess I better actually go to sleep.
Oh, but that’s right, I wonder what ended up happening with that man.
Such a strange event.
At least Mom managed to safely catch him.

Something felt familiar about him though.

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56 thoughts on “I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 12”

  1. Thanks! It was good though to be honest i completely doesnt understand whats going on xD its not because im stupid right?


  2. So this clearly was kumo inspired, (cool thing to be inspired by) but with actual MPD. XXX was probably somehow split off do to the natural reincarnation knowledge/ability she gained and trauma from death. After all usually the personalities have roles they fill in fictional MPD. XXX takes most of the negative emotions and knowledge that helps her better protect/control the body. Thus her distrust and ‘lust?’ For dangerous situations. That and it is incredibly scary to be stuck in your own head. Whereas Alice is the defensive persona. Thus her innocence, cuteness and general lack of any knowledge that would make her lose that innate ‘friendliness’ she has. Her personality makes her a great spy to let whatever other personalities know whatever situation they are in without damaging the people’s trust in the body as a whole. Of course, the other personalities probably lack the ability to gain trust, thus why Alice is the main personality for all the social interaction and XXX tries to cover the other stuff.
    Also, there is always the possibility that she gains a new personality with every death as it is a great trauma.

    I felt like writing this because if this truly is similar to kumo chan, so much will be hidden and we will be expected to figure out so much ourselves that the comments section will become invaluable. If not then mainly because I wanted to let it out and I thought it was an interesting theory.

    Liked by 2 people

        1. I personally bet on either Aria or XXX
          Because Aria is the only character, beside Alice, that has a name starting with a A.
          And XXX because, well, we don’t know :p


  3. Even if I already thanked you on RRL, I’m going to do it again here :D
    I read all the comments on the other chapters for fun, and I was disappointed that it was mostly Dark Jackel making a counter…

    Well, thanks for the chapter :D
    Are you gonna repair the fourth wall or are you going to leave that fissure?


        1. We have to remember even if he has the entire story written already (which is unlikely) he does not have to perfectly foreshadow every event that happens nor is he likely too. No writer I have read who has done anything beyond a short story has had every hook woven together in one giant tapestry. So it would be silly to think we know even a fraction of the stories goal yet.

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Enjoying the story so far, but what happened with the guy being smacked out of the sky? Or the really dangerous thing that was ahead of them? Kinda just jumped from those points straight into town.


  5. The chapters confused me big-time. I wish for answers on the next chapter or something.


      1. The story felt like a wonderland to me. First: Alice talked too much to herself then dies and gets a new persona for dying (I thought xxx and Alice are one person on the early chapters). Then the chapter A-1 even confused me more about her race (was she a Fenrir or a human?). I also question the values of the characters since the wolfies left Alice, a baby in a cave alone. Plus why the hell does fairies lead children into pitfalls!?
        I think me getting confused is a good part of the novel because it feels that I am not the observer that sees all allowing me not to spoil myself too much.


  6. Okay… this chapter was confusing… and it didn’t really flow well… it felt as though it jumped to quickly from one event to another…

    So… they were walking in the forest… Alice sensed a being(possible another reincarnator)… XXX took over and was exited about it, and wanted to fight it while Aria protects Yuki…

    and then, it switched and I have no idea what the narration was talking about… and then we’re suddenly in a town? what?


  7. Thanks for the chapters! I really like this xxx/”other me.” She’s the perfect balance to Alice’s fluffiness.


  8. Im really liking the story and characters, it has a nice pace and not everything is clear right from the get go. Although I would appreciate if you device some way of noting when she is talking to her other self. So that we know how deep their interaction goes.


      1. For example
        /I’m really diggin this Pira guy/{xxx}
        /No way he’s a freloader/
        haaa honestly other alice sometimes says utter nonsense
        (the only part {xxx} hears would be the one between //)


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