I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 11

Combat and Disappointments

『Name: Carl
Race: Human
Level: 15』

『Name: Boris
Race: Human
Level: 12』

『Name: Karen
Race: Human
Level: 16』

『Name: Vlad
Race: Beastman
Level: 35』




These bandits never attack in small groups, do they?
Would it be any more interesting otherwise? {xxx}
Hmm … not really, no.

Anyway, I think Mom will only have a problem with that Vlad guy.
Everyone else is less than half her level.

Wait a minute though, isn’t that still bad for me and Yuki though?
Don’t worry Yuki, other me will protect us!

Fufu, of course. {xxx}
That is the purpose of my existence. {xxx}
Uh, okay?
As long as you protect us, your purpose could be cheese for all I care.
That doesn’t make any sense. {xxx}
Your point?

Other me sighs using my body.
It’s not like it’s my fault she’s so exasperated.

Anyway, I think I’m going to take a nap.
Wake me up when it’s over, other me.
Yeah, yeah. {xxx}

– switches to {xxx}’s perspective –

It’s a good thing she went to sleep.
That sigh I accidentally let slip sparked the fight.
The bandits had just been circling around us.

Well, it’s not like they all rushed in or anything.
Vlad, who I would guess is the leader of this group, is the only one that walks forward.

Unfortunately for him, appraisal is a very rare skill to have in this world, so I doubt he understands the difference between him and Aria.
Aria is much stronger than he is.
Her basic stats are probably much higher than a normal level 40.
Too bad Alice’s appraisal level is so low.
I’d be able to know for sure if it had been higher.

Anyway, I’ll watch this fight.
Perhaps I can learn a thing or two from a legendary wolf.
Then again, I can sense a few of the bandits creeping up on me and Yuki, so I guess I won’t get to see Aria’s fight.
Oh well.
Hopefully these bandits entertain me enough instead.

Yuki and I were already in a crouched position since Aria told us to stay low.
So, I stay crouched and look over to Yuki.
She’s shaking all over.
Poor thing.

I reach over and place a hand on her head.
Alice’s deaths have accelerated this body’s growth, so now I’d say this body is a year or two old.
Just tall enough to comfort Yuki.
More importantly though, developed enough to move as I’ll need to in 3…

I toss Yuki into the little bit of space between me and Aria before I turn and dodge the greasy hands of the nearest bandit.
Hmm, so they only want to capture us so that they have some leverage over Aria.
Fufu, unfortunately, it won’t be that easy.

Confused by my dodge, the bandit has no time to correct his posture before I push him and send him crashing to the ground.
Not done yet, I run to his waist and grab the knife tucked into his belt.
If this body was any older, I would have taken his sword, but it would only hinder me now.
Besides, I can have quite a bit of fun with just this knife.

While I was thinking of all the fun I could have with the bandits, the greasy one got back up.
I suppose he’ll be first.
However, as expected of such a greasy bandit.
Ugeh, he stinks.
I’ll just make this quick then.

This time, Greasy, which is the name I so graciously gave that bandit, is drawing his sword.
He still charges in recklessly though.
Honestly, what do you expect to do with such sloppy movements?

I dash in under his sword (which was easy considering I’m so short), but before I can end his life, a punch from the side sends him flying away.
Looking in that direction, I see Aria recovering her guard after the punch.
A little bit past her, I can see Vlad lying on the ground, unconscious.

“What were you planning on doing with that knife, Alice?”

I look up to meet Aria’s stare.
Hmm, what is that in her eyes?
Is it … fear?
Fear of what though?

Regardless, I better play the part of her adorably innocent daughter.

“I-I-I was so scared, Mommy!
I-I t-thought the bad man was going to hurt me.

Then, to sell the act, I look at the knife and drop it as if I hadn’t realized I had it in my hands the entire time.

Still though, I wasn’t able to have any fun.
Tch, this wasn’t worth getting my hopes up.
I bet if she knew what I was planning on doing, she’d give me a lecture about how it’s wrong to kill people.

I look up again at Aria, and although the fear is still there a little, I see more relief than anything else.
Good, I managed to satisfy her.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see good old Vlad stand back up.
It seems Aria has yet to notice since she’s making sure Yuki is alright though.
Conveniently, her back is to Vlad.

could take care of it, but then she’d probably lecture Alice.
Such a difficult decision.
At least I don’t have to concern myself with all of the other bandits since they ran away after noticing that Vlad was down for the count.

Alright, I’ve got to make this story a little bit interesting from time to time, right?

I slowly pick up the knife lying right by my feet.
Luckily, Aria didn’t kick it away.
Knife in hand, I make sure Aria is still unaware and that Vlad hasn’t noticed me.

Oh, but wait a moment.
If I play this right, I can hear some wonderful sounds and not have to get Alice lectured.

I wait until Vlad is right behind Aria, and then I execute my plan.

Behind you!”

I yell that out to Aria to alert her to the danger behind her, but I know she can’t react in time.
Fufu, exactly as I thought, instead of attacking, Aria covers Yuki with her body.

I allow myself a fraction of a second to enjoy this before I toss my knife at the hulking beastman.
Flying straight and true, the knife buries itself into his raised arm, causing him to drop his sword.

《Conditions met. [Throwing Lv1] acquired》
《Conditions met. [Thrown Weapon Proficiency Lv1] acquired》

How surprising.
Alice got two new skills, and he’s not screaming out in pain.
I know it hurt though, because the knife point is sticking through the other side of his arm.
Perhaps you have some worth, Vlad.

Regardless, I can do nothing to save you now.
Aria has had enough time to recover.
And right on cue, she delivers a powerful blow to his temple, knocking him unconscious again.

Now, with that out of the way, time to get out of this coming situation.
I can already see Aria walking towards me with purpose.

Are you alright?!
You could have injured yourself with that knife!”

So, she’s not angry?
Huh, maybe she’s not as bad as I had thought.

“I-I’m sorry Mommy!
I j-just saw that bad man behind you, and I-I didn’t know what else to do.”

Aria pulls me into a hug, and tries to comfort me.
I’m already comfortable with the situation though.
I suppose I’ll let her have this for now.

“It’s okay, Alice.
I just don’t want you to get hurt, okay?”

I shyly nod up and down.
I’m still playing her innocent little girl, so although it pains me to act like this, I have to.

Speaking of, when are you going to wake up, Alice?
I’m getting tired of having to play you.

– and back to Alice we go –

That was such a nice nap.

Ah, you’re finally awake. {xxx}
Good. {xxx}
Have fun. {xxx}

What happened?
Why is Mom hugging me?

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16 thoughts on “I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 11”

        1. in my mind XXX is basically a “doting father” figure, “you dare hurt my daughter!?!?! you must die” though the sadist part is also true.

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  1. I think at xxx is another personality from another person, latched on to the mc from the begging, and is the cause for the error/corruption during the reincarnation.


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