I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 10

Appraisal Hurts

I hadn’t thought about it before, but it may have been a good idea to ask how far away this Shale Labyrinth was.
Hopefully it’s not too far away.
My stamina might not be enough to make it.

More importantly, why do we have to walk there!?
Aren’t there supposed to be convenient things called carriages?
Don’t make fun of me, Dream.
There’s no way you’re cruel enough to keep even that away from me, are you?
Fufu, calm down. {xxx}
Walking is good for you anyway. {xxx}
N-nn, while that may be true, it’s the idea you know, the concept!
Ugu, you know what, I’ll just ask Mom.


Did you need something, Alice?”

“Isn’t there an easier way to get to Shale Labyrinth?”

“Haha, yes there is.
Actually, there are quite a few ways we could get there easier.
However, exercise is good for the body.
Besides, doing things like walking can even increase the value of your stats.”

By the way, how long do you think it’ll take us to reach the labyrinth?”

I’d say about a week or so.
Think you can manage it?”

“Un, leave it to me!”

See, that wasn’t so hard now was it? {xxx}
A-and, it won’t take us as long to get there as I had thought!
Hehe, I’m happy now.
However, I wonder if anything is going to happen while we’re walking there.
It’d be nice if nothing did.
But that would be boring wouldn’t it? {xxx}
Un, although I want to disagree with you … I-I can’t.
Fufu, I know you pretty well. {xxx}
I’m you after all. {xxx}

Well, ignoring the one stating the obvious, I can’t see the town anymore.
I guess our journey is truly starting now.

It’s pretty peaceful walking along this road.
I glance to the right and see Mom happily smiling to herself.
On my left, a small tune is being hummed.
I’m not entirely sure what the other me is up to, but I’m sure she’s happy as well.
Aah, is this what peace is like?

Okay, so I hate to interrupt your … well, whatever it is you’re doing, but you could play with the new skill you got earlier while you walk. {xxx}
It seems like it’ll be boring for a while, and nobody wants to hear about boring things. {xxx}
E-eh, but wouldn’t people complain if we just talked all the time and nothing happened?
They should be used it by now honestly. {xxx}
N-nn, true I guess.

Anyway, I got a new skill?
Mhm, yes you did~. {xxx}
It was even the skill you were so excited about getting. {xxx}
Huh … but what skill was I – Oh!
You mean I have that appraisal!?
Fufu, well? {xxx}
Are you going to play with it or not? {xxx}
Of course I will!

Let’s see, how do we do this?
Will it be a situation where I have to think about using it, and I’ll use it?
We have plenty of time, no reason not to try right? {xxx}
Un, okay!
Appraisal go!
Target: me!

『Name: Alice
Race: Unknown
Level: 1』

Is that it?
Also, what’s with that unknown!?
Wasn’t my race human back when that stone appraised me!?
Fufu, I wonder if the skill level isn’t high enough. {xxx}
Oh, could that be the case?
No, wait!
This is your doing isn’t it, me!?
Maybe~ {xxx}
Ugu, what am I then?
You’ll have to level up the skill to find out. {xxx}
That much is true at least. {xxx}

Uuu, now I feel like I lied to Mom and Yuki.
It’s too late now though, so why don’t you take your mind off of it by using appraisal on those two? {xxx}
Nn, I guess… I still feel bad lying to them though.

… I’ll start with Yuki then I think.

『Name: Yuki
Race: Fenrir
Level: 5』

I suppose that’s normal.
I’m in a bad mood.
B-but she’s from the Fenrir race you know? {xxx}
That’s a pretty rare and legendary race. {xxx}
Does that not at least kinda get you excited? {xxx}
I-I guess a little bit…
Just think, you’re being raised by a legendary race. {xxx}
How is that not exciting? {xxx}
U-umu, I think I am feeling a bit better now.
Thanks, me.
Fufu, of course. {xxx}
Now, go and appraise the big one! {xxx}

『Name: Aria
Race: Fenrir
Level: 40』

Mm, it figures that Mom is the same race as Yuki.
However, her level is pretty high isn’t it?
Oh, but we finally get to know Mom’s name.
I wish I was able to see more information though.
It’ll come, with time. {xxx}

Hey, me, do you think just leaving appraisal going would level it faster?
Hmm, theoretically it should, but I don’t know if your mind would be able to handle the amount of information you’d be receiving. {xxx}
I’d say try it, and if it gets to be too much, stop. {xxx}
Un, I can do that.
Okay, here we go world, are you ready?


T-that was horrible!
I’m sorry. {xxx}
I thought something like that would happen, but I still told you to go ahead. {xxx}
N-no, it’s not your fault.
It’s mine for thinking I could handle all that information.
This body is still only two weeks old after all.

“Are you alright, Alice?”

Ah, I completely forgot about Mom and Yuki.
I guess they noticed my pained expression.

“I’m okay.
I suddenly started hurting for some reason, but the pain is gone now.”

“Eh, are you sure?
We can take a break if you need one.”

“It’s fine.
I can keep going.
Besides, I don’t think it’ll happen again.”

“No, I think it’s better to take a break.
I was starting to get a little tired anyway.”

“N-nn, thanks, Mom.”

Well, at least they didn’t find out the pain was because of appraisal.
I don’t want them knowing I have the skill just yet.
They reacted pretty strongly to my ability to walk and talk, so maybe I’m a bit scarred from that experience.
Regardless, it hasn’t even been a day and I’m already forcing us to stop.
Uuu, how pitiful.
Fufu, indeed. {xxx}
However, there’s something coming that I may need to take over for. {xxx}
What do you mean?

“Get ‘em, boys!”


Author’s Notes:
Next we’ll have a side story chapter.
Hopefully it’ll answer some questions and bring light to the world outside of our mc’s perspective.

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8 thoughts on “I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 10”

  1. thanks for the 10th! next stop 100th!
    {…} give me feeling of a “Concerned… Third party?”. Like G-Man or that John Reese guy.
    Here’s more cats to your face.

    The group of words associated with cat (catt, cath, chat, katze) stem from the Latin catus, meaning domestic cat, as opposed to feles, or wild cat.


  2. I think there’s something important mixed in there with the useless information. Oy! It’s really important! C’mon, there’s two of you, one of you, c’mon, notice it! Oh, you did? Well, say something sooner!


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