I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 2

There’s Already a Death Flag!?

Who leaves a baby out in the middle of nowhere anyway!?
They’re lucky I managed to get this cold resistance skill.
Otherwise, I would have died you know!

Then again, in this situation, dying would only wake me up.
However, how~ever!
I’m not done with this dream just yet.
If it ended right now, that’d just be unfair.
You can’t just tease me like that!
If I didn’t already hate you, this would do it you know?

Calm down me.
You’re right me, getting angry over this isn’t helping.

Alright, first things first, I have to somehow find food and water.
However, there’s already a major problem with that.
I’m still a baby!
How do you expect me to fend for myself when I’m likely only a few days old!?
Huh, Dream, what’s up with that?

No, I get it, you just want to kill me.
I understand.
Fu… fufufu…

Well, I’ll accept your challenge then, Dream.
I’ll show you.
By the time I’m done with you, you’re going to wish you never made me this angry.
All the pain and suffering I endure, I’m going to return it to you plus interest.
You’ll rue the day you decided to mess with …

What’s my name again?
Tch, whatever.
You get the point.

Are you trying to tell me to calm down?
I will not be calm!
Have you seen how Dream is treating me?
I won’t let off a guy like that.


No wait, I’m sorry.
I went a bit overboard there for a second.
Fuu, alright.
I’m okay now.
Please don’t hurt me…

Any~way, moving on~

Let’s see… how can I get food and water in this state?
Well, thinking about this logically, I haven’t developed enough to be able to walk.
Actually, I don’t even have enough strength to move this blanket…
So … how am I going to do this?

There’s only two things I can think of that can get me out of this situation.
It’s either, I acquire a skill that somehow allows me to move early, or I learn something like telekinesis.
However, there’s a problem with both of these.
I don’t know how skills work, and I don’t know magic…

Waa, is this my fate?
To be stranded alone, hungry and thirsty?
Will the dream end here?

I suppose the only logical thing to do now, is cry…


Well, it was fun while it lasted, Dream.
Or, that’s what I would say, if I wasn’t going to end up dying before I did anything.
Hmph, this wasn’t fun at all.
Try harder next time okay?

Well alright, let’s get this over with…


That wasn’t my stomach.
And … there shouldn’t have been anything else in the area … right?

I look towards the source of the sound.

You couldn’t just let me die peacefully could you, Dream?
Still, you could have just piled some snow on top of me and suffocated me.
It wouldn’t have been pleasant, but at least it’s better than that.

I mean why?
Why did it have to be a wolf!?

Uuu, this looks like it’ll be painful.
Those teeth are like daggers!
Why couldn’t it have been a bunny or something?
Uwaa, if I had to go out, I wanted it to be as painless as possible.

Ignoring my inner plight, the wolf starts running towards me.
Umu, well if I’m going to die anyways, I can at least carve into my memory the one that kills me.
I hope I give you a terrible stomach ache you wolf!
Bring it on!


… what was that?
Was that my fearsome roar?
Ugh, that was pathetic though.

Ah, see, the wolf is so surprised by my pathetic roar that it stopped.
Waa~, don’t make fun of me as well!

It seems the wolf is a bit confused.
Now it’s approaching me cautiously.
It’s not like I’m scary you know?

That’s right, come on, get a little closer.
I won’t hurt you~
I’m just a baby you know?

I hold out my tiny little arms to the wolf.
Of course, I move them slowly since I don’t want to startle it any more than I have.
It seems the wolf is fairly intelligent, because its eyes widen a little when it sees my actions.

I knew wolves were supposed to be intelligent, but I didn’t think they’d pass up a free meal like this.
How strange, I wonder if that’s just the standard of the world, or if this wolf is special…
Hmm~ it doesn’t look any different from a wolf I know.

Ah, I think all my staring scared it a little, the wolf backed away from me.
Now that just hurts my feelings wolfie.
I’m just trying to get a good look at you.
Can’t you just sit still and let me do that?

Ah, it didn’t work huh?
I thought if I looked hard enough at the wolf, I’d somehow acquire appraisal or something, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
Fuun, I was hoping to at least get that before I died.
Oh well, I’m done.
Eat your fill wolfie.

Why are you looking at me like I’m a monster?
I’m no monster, I’m just a simple baby you see~?
Besides, aren’t you the monster in this situation?
… Ah, it ran away.

Was I really that scary?
Hmm, well, there’s no use in thinking about it.
I had even resolved myself to die painfully.
At least now it’ll be a peaceful death again.

Wait a minute, wasn’t that wolf the first thing I encountered in this world?
Thinking about it like that, I kinda miss it.
It didn’t seem all that aggressive towards me, so it would have been nice if it could have kept me company as I died and ended this dream.

Haa, oh well.
What’s done is done.
Wolfie ran away, and is probably with its family again.
Who knows, maybe it’s joking with them about how pathetic my roar was, and that it spared me in pity.
I’m sure if I was a wolf I’d get a laugh out of it.

Uuu, why does everyone want to make fun of me in this world?
I know it’s a dream, but that doesn’t help anything.
Does this mean I secretly want people to make fun of me all the time?
I can’t imagine that being the case, but … I guess … that is the truth … right?



What’s that noise?
Can’t you just leave me alone?
I’m trying to cry in peace here.

Ignoring my pleas, the noises get closer and closer.
From a gap in the trees, wolfie jumps out.
Well, I assume it’s wolfie, since he’s the only one that knows where I am, and he looks the same as before.
More importantly though, from behind wolfie, a gigantic white wolf walks out of the forest, destroying the trees in its path along the way.

Ah, I see wolfie, so that’s how it is…
You ran away to go get reinforcements.
However, why did you get a monster like that!?
I’m not scary enough for something like that to come out am I?
That’s definitely a final boss, so why would you bring it here!?
I trusted you wolfieee~!

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29 thoughts on “I’m the Final Boss!? – Chapter 2”

  1. First.

    I wonder what will happen to the MC.
    So much suspense…
    And is the MC talking alone? *takes an innocent looks*
    Is she crazy now *Didn’t read this before*


  2. Wolfie seems like an interesting person.
    I wonder if there is a side-story from Wolfie’s perspective?

    Thanks for the chapter.


  3. That initial monologue really reminded me of Cave Johnson’s “Make life take the lemons back!” speech.

    I wonder if he’s gonna keep rambling on about “Dream” like it’s a singular entity with a will of its own; whether it’s true or not, it makes for a neat quirk. He might even end up starting a religion vilifying this Dream: “Oh, your crop’s failed? That damn Dream just won’t stop ruining things… DREEAAAAAAM!

    Liked by 3 people

  4. I was waiting for the “picked up and raised as an ordinary villager” flag, but maybe not. Perhaps the wolf really brought along an army to deal with/worship the baby.


  5. Waaait what this is an originaaaaal ?!
    When i find it i’m gonna binge read it SO HARD i won’t even sleep


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