Back from my journey with 悪役令嬢後宮物語, 伯爵令嬢はチート転生者, さよならイエロー and ドロップ!! ~香りの令嬢物語~

and various other subpar novels, so I’ll be translating again soon. Probably starting with Reika-sama.

I’ll probably also add these to my ‘Looking for something to translate?’ list but first I need to work out what I want to say about them.

The Inner Palace Tale of a Villainess Noble Girl

(^ Probably the story I enjoyed the most here, possibly because of all the sweet friendship scenes.)

Farewell, Yellow

ドロップ!! ~香りの令嬢物語~
Drop!! ~A Tale of the Fragrance Princess~

The Count’s Daughter is an OP Reincarnater

29 thoughts on “Back from my journey with 悪役令嬢後宮物語, 伯爵令嬢はチート転生者, さよならイエロー and ドロップ!! ~香りの令嬢物語~”

  1. I see you went on a tale of exploration, humour, fantasy, excitement and stories….! How wonderful, wahaha! i’ve been doing that myself, recently!

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      1. Also said unlikely to continue translating it too, since the original WN seems to be on hiatus, according to last time I asked you that, probably around the time Bakarina’s completion. Has there any positive signs since then ?


  2. you already have so many series and you want to do more? im still waiting for another bathroom goddess release ^^


      1. Hopefully my region isn’t locked as most of the other Asian countries are excluded from the beta D:
        When will the official version be released by the by?


        1. They wanted to release it before 2015 is over if I’m not mistaken..
          Well, at least for the original Korean version..
          But so far nothing is set in stone yet…


          1. Indonesia..
            I know I can probably use proxies/VPNs such as WTFast, but..
            The inet in my town is quite slow and very moody (as in it takes me 2 days to 1 week to do a 12GB FFXIV update slow, ping between 200~2000ms) and signals are often lost (“RTO”s every couple of minutes, unstable as fu)…
            That’s how my wifi is..
            If you add VPN to that..
            Lagging nightmare..

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