Tilea’s Worries – Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – “It’s Tilea’s kenjutsu dojo!” (Finale)

I stood opposite Myuu. In my hand was a flimsy looking twig, and in Myuu’s was a sharp-looking sword.

This is bad. This is really bad!

This is like what happened to a certain entertainer-san.

What kind of ultra-hard mode is this?

It looks like everybody in the Praetorian Guard are excited, but this is basically a public execution.

How do I overcome this…

Unaffected by my worries, Myuu was standing there calmly――no, looking carefully, there’s sweat on Myuu’s forehead.

Geez. So Myuu is nervous too. Well of course. Even if we’re playing, they’re still forcing him to hold a live blade.

It looks like Myuu was forced into this by everyone else as well. A victim just like me. So Myuu isn’t like those other chuunibyou idiots.

Alright. In that case, it’s fine. Myuu looks like that one sensible friend that every idiot has, so I’m sure he’s already got some plan on what to do.

Right. So this is basically like those pro wrestling shows. Which side attacks and which side gets hit is already determined beforehand. Let’s casually approach Myuu and decide on the programme.

Having decided that, I promptly started moving. I was about to approach him, but,

“Well then, here I come. TORYAHHHH!”

“Wai-, fi-, first the programme needs――wai-, YOU’RE SERIOUSLY COMING!?”

Contrary to my expectations, Mühen suddenly came slashing at me. The powerful blade approached before my eyes. Completely absorbed in the moment, I defended with the twig.
-BAKINNN- rang the air, as a shock ran down our weapons.


N-, No, it’s not…

My twig was supporting the sword without a problem. Apparently Myuu knew what I was thinking, and took the power out of his attack.

But won’t our audience be a little disillusioned if we do something as farcical as this?

I looked at the faces in the audience. But contrary to expectations, delight filled their eyes.


My question was solved the moment I looked at Myuu.


Myuu was bright red in the face, and was desperately pushing his blade into my twig.

S-, Stuntman sword combat!?

Right. Myuu was using the staged sword combat techniques that you often saw in films and period dramas. In other words, he was pretending that we were battling it out with our swords. I knew my eyes weren’t lying to me. Myuu was striking at me in a way that preserved the atmosphere, while making sure not to hurt me.

Myuu is the same type as Hidler-san, isn’t he. It feels like this is the first time I’ve met a decent person amongst Timu’s friends.

And what’s more, this acting of his could win an Academy Award. His desperation is completely conveyed through his expression. He groaned here and there, like he was putting his all into heavy sword blows.

Geez, it’s amazing that the twig hasn’t broken.

He’s probably pantomiming to avoid snapping the twig, but you can only describe this as ‘amazing’. I mean, I hardly feel a thing. And yet I can see the twig colliding again and again with the sword. He’s probably using some exquisite sense and timing to stop his sword just beforehand. This isn’t a level of skill that just anybody can do. Maybe it wasn’t completely untrue when they said that Myuu was an expert swordsman.

“As expected of Oneesama. She has even grown tired of Mühen’s attacks!”

“Truly a laudable display of skill.”

“More importantly, look. Mühen’s sword is the one whining under the strain.”

“Indeed. It appears that when covered in Tilea-sama’s mana, even a normal twig gains the strength of orichalcum.”

Honestly, while you guys have no idea how much Myuu is struggling, you’re just firing off chuunibyou at full throttle, aren’t you.

Well, it’s fine I guess. I’ll get on board with your games. I’d feel bad if I didn’t after all of Myuu’s acting after all. Now then, shall I drop an Evil God’s line or two?

“Huhu, what’s wrong, Myuu? Come at me for real. At this rate, far from 『Baban Stresh』, our battle with end with a simple strike.”

“Hahh, hahh, what strength. UOOHHHH!”

Fired up by my provocation, Myuu let out a war cry. And then we continued to exchange even more blows.

“Nielsen, I am shocked. Even though Oneesama has received that many powerful blows, she hasn’t taken a step from that spot.”

“It appears that Tilea-sama still has plenty of room to relax.”

You guys. For a while now, you’ve been really cruel towards Myuu’s technique, you know.

And not taking a single step from here? …That’s just by chance. This is a completely faked match, so that much is simple.

But hearing their words really makes me want to say that. Honestly, you guys. You keep saying stuff that pulls at my heartstrings… It’s no good. I have to say it after all.

“Timu, pay attention. This is one of the Evil God’s Seven-Hundred and Seventy-Seven Skills, the Evil God Zone.”

“Evil God Zone!? What manner of technique is that?”

“Well you see, you lead the opponents into attacking in the places that you want.”

“Magnificent. No wonder you haven’t taken a single step from there, Oneesama.”

Timu assented, and sent a gaze of respect at me. Everyone in the Household Guard did as well. Thought so. My lines really were things that would stir up a chuunibyou’s heart.

“Hahh, hahh, Tilea-sama, you are even greater than I imagined. I too will truly show my best!”

“Good spirit. I’ll get a little serious as well. I’m going to use a sword technique now, so try not to be blown away.”

“I will by all means try my best to overcome it.”

“I’m serious, okay? You absolutely can’t be blown away. Absolutely not. Absolutely, okay!?”


Alright. Now that I’ve said that much, I’m sure Myuu will read the mood and understand. He’ll probably send himself flying when I hit him with my attack now.

Well then, I guess I’ll use the technique of a swordsman from a certain manga. Since we’re in another world, should I try and give it a more otherworld feel? Rather than “Onigiri”, since we have goblins here instead of oni…

Alright, I’ve decided. I broke the twig I had into two, and then formed a cross with them.

“Nitouryuu?(Two Sword Style?)”

“It’s true form is Yontouryuu(Four Sword Style) though. Well then, I’m coming, Myuu.”

“Understood. This one is prepared.”

“It’s a sword technique that will always blow the enemy away, you know.”

“HAHHHH, Defencing Area![Defence Barrier!]”

Saying that, Myuu took a deep stance, and planted himself firmly on the ground. It was a bulky stance, like a boulder.

Mn. He really is an expert at this. A master swordsman who could normally deflect a blow with his sword was instead using a barrier. Of course you’d be excited.

Alright, I won’t lose either.

With the twigs still crossed, I charged at Myuu with a roar.

“Nitouryuu――GO BU GIRIIIIIII!”


Matching his timing with my attack, Myuu was blown away. Even the way he blew himself away was so splendid that I have no words to describe it. It was such magnificent timing that it really looked like he was blown away by an attack.

Honestly, good job. Your reaction was even better than the less talented actors out there.

“S-, So strong… Tilea-sama, even though this one knew you were coming, he could not stop you at all.”

“You’re pretty good yourself. You’re standing after taking a Gobugiri after all.”

“Hehe, what a terrifying personage you are. Although this one also feels terror, the enjoyment is stronger.”

“Huhu, it looks like you still want to go. But if you’re blown away by the likes of Gobugiri, then I can’t use anything stronger, right?”

“Stronger, you say!?”

“Yes. Yontouryuu Ougi 『Yonsen Sekai』 is a technique several levels above Gobugiri, you know.”
(Four-Sword Style Secret Technique: Four Thousand Worlds)

“Oneesama, is that technique stronger than even 『Baban Stresh』?”

“Hm~mm, that was a topic of discussion even amongst my companions.”

“You mean your 『Niit』 companions, yes?”

“U-, Uguh-, t-, that’s right. I personally think that 『Baban Stresh』 is stronger, but there are also people who think that 『Yonsen Sekai』 tops it.”

“I see.”

“Mn, both of them had their diehard fans after all~ Well, either way, both are amongst the top-tiers of my techniques.”

“Haha, this one very much desires to see it, Tilea-sama.”

“I see. Then Myuu, come at me like you’re trying to kill me. Without that much resolve, you’ll die, you know.”

“By your will. Even if you are his master, this one will not hesitate. He now challenges the strongest as nothing but a mere swordsman!”

Myuu’s expression turned resolute, and be began to mutter some chant. After that, some kind of light started to faintly cover his sword.

Could it be that he’s a magic swordsman?

Not bad, Myuu. This really is quite exciting from a visual point of view.

Huhu, to think that Myuu would go this far with his acting. I can’t let his will go to waste. We’ll definitely make this pro wrestling show a success. I lowered my hips, and moved my twig in a reverse grip behind me, and took the “Baban Stresh” stance.

“Oohh! What a sublime stance… Nielsen, we must not miss even a moment.”

“Yes, Milady. Truly a mastery of the profound.”

The outsiders Timu and Pervert(Nielsen) began firing off pretentious lines.

Ah, you guys… If I leave you alone for just a bit, you get carried away and start saying whatever you want.

It’s SUUUUPER embarrassing for the person himself to hear, okay!? Timu and the others are going to be stuck with writhing in embarrassment once their chunibyou heals.


From a thrusting stance, Myuu dropped his hips. Then, he pointed the tip of the magic sword towards me before dashing with incredible speed.

…As expected of Myuu. Despite this being a rigged match, it’s still so intense that I feel like I’ll wet myself a little. Like I’ll fall behind. I immediately slashed forward with the reverse-grip twig in my hand.

“Evil God Style, Secret Technique――Baban Stresh!”


My twig collided with Myuu’s sword, causing Myuu to fly into the air, sword and all, before crashing into a large tree with incredible force.

Oi, even if I said that I’d be unleashing an ultimate technique, didn’t you fly a little far?

Or rather, you don’t have to go that far just to put on a performance…

Look, you’re even bleeding from your head, you know. You’re hurt. Well, thanks to that, the audience is in an excited uproar, but…




Wild roars began breaking out from the Praetorian Guard. Mn, from an entertainment point of view, it was a huge success, huh. Even if it was just a role, Myuu played the clown for us. He really is a great guy.

While I was admiring the fallen Myuu, Timu approached me.

“Oneesama, your power was magnificent as always.”

“I see. If you had fun, Timu, then it was all worth it.”

“By the way, Oneesama, although that grand technique from just now released some tremendous mana, it did not look to me like the air had been cut.”

“Timu, that’s very sharp of you. What I used just now was an incomplete version. It only cut the ground, you see.”

“So it was as I thought. Huhu, was the reason you were unwilling to use it, for Mühen’s sake?”

“Y-, Yes. We can’t let Mühen die, right?”

“I am sure that Mühen will be happy once he knows that you think that much of him. Oneesama, I would like to see the complete version next time we have the chance.”

…Timu is being awfully tenacious about this. As if I can cut the air.

Or rather, I’m troubled that you didn’t let me off with the attack just now. Hahh~ Timu, you still don’t understand how chuunibyou are supposed to play, do you. You needed to pretend just now that the air actually did get cut.

What do I need to do to get her to accept? Or should I tell her that I can’t?

But I don’t really want to spill cold water now that she’s this into it.

…Wait, hang on. Rather, Timu can use magic, so couldn’t Timu do something like that too!?

No matter what kind of random technique I use, in the end I can only fake it. Timu has talent. If I use this method, then Timu can play as a chuunibyou while practising her magic too. It’s two birds with one stone.

Timu’s chuunibyou won’t be cured that easily. In that case, I should just try even a little to direct it into something productive for her future. Magic training, in this case.

“Timu, you can’t depend on somebody else for each and every thing.”


“Here’s some homework for you. Use magic to cut the sky.”

“I-, I am, to…?”

“Right. You do it.”

“B-, But Oneesama, cutting the sky with magic has never ever been heard of before.”

“My, my. Aren’t we sounding a little timid now. I thought you had mastered magic. If I remember correctly, didn’t you say they called you “Camilla the Flash”?”

“Uu-, Oneesama, you bully.”

“Huhu, sorry, sorry. The sky might be overdoing it. But you have talent, Timu, so I want you to challenge lots of different things.”

“I understand. I wish to live up to Oneesama’s expectations. I will revise my magic system from the absolute basics.”

“Right, right, that’s the spirit!”

Looks like Timu is getting fired up. That’s right, it’s tackling a difficult homework project that makes the best practice of all. But it’s also true that there’s a limit to self-teaching. Should I get Timu a magic tutor or something?

Basically all of the four-sword style techniques are references to One Piece’s Roronoa Zoro. Just replace any instance of ‘four’ with ‘three’, and you’ve got it.

In case you didn’t look last time, this is what Avan’s Strash looks like (the thing Baban Stresh is a parody of).

“Evil God Zone!? What manner of technique is that?”
“Well you see, you lead the opponents into attacking in the places that you want.”

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  2. Lol, “I knew my eyes weren’t lying to me”. Suuuuuuuuure they weren’t Tilea. Tilea’s reality is quite something.


    “I stood opposite Myuu”
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  3. LOL I called it! Tilea doesn’t betray my expectations. Myuu might be my favorite chuuni idiot yet haha. The irony of Tilea thinking hes an expert swordsman because of “holding back” is too great! And that Tezuka Zone reference hahahahhaha.

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    1. It’s kinda like a certain baldy’s Super Serious series.

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  7. I know… that this is supposed to be a comedy.

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    I kept reading afterwards, in hope that the author would at least address the issue. I’m not bothered by reading a tragedy. I am finding, however, that it bothers me to read a tragedy where the writer believes it is comedy.

    Can you tell me if that changes?

    Please, I don’t need much. I just want to know if there is either light or darkness in the tunnel, or if the writer will keep betraying my expectations.

    I’d like to see Timu, just once, but I suppose that isn’t in the cards.


      1. That… doesn’t really make me feel any better.

        Timu might be the product of amnesia, from a purely mechanical perspective, but that doesn’t make her life—her hopes and dreams—any less real. She’d be crying to see what Camilla is doing, if she didn’t simply go catatonic.

        Her mind developed on its own, without input from Camilla. That it was then washed away is possibly a statement of fact, but it isn’t an *excuse*.

        So no, sorry. I considered that option, but assuming it’s the truth, then this is still a horror story.


        1. You still don’t seem to get it though? I guess the problem here is that the word “dissolve” was used?

          Timu is still Timu, it is just that the time she lived thinking she was just a human is now overlapped with her original memories. However those are just memories, in the end the basis of what makes us who we are is how we relate to what we are doing in the present. This is why Timu isn’t actually Camilla, she is Timu but with the memories of her previous life. So her decisions and way of looking at things are just influenced by what she remembers.

          Or did you not think it strange that she acts like a child? Ignoring that she cries like a little child when she is scolded, her reactions are not really that of just a person that worship their master… It really is that of a little sister.

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