42 thoughts on “It’s a comings… IT’S A COMINGS!”

  1. If anyone would also translate the LN, we can argue on the differences and which part of which version we like more. Of course I would probably have died if diabetes by then. BUT what a way to go.


  2. Are you also going to translate the Light Novel? I mean, I appreciate that you already translate the web novel and I absolutely love it, but if possible I would want to read the edited and polished version of it (Illustrations are an extra, but still a good +). And after what you said I REALLY want to read it. Thank you very much.


  3. Camillie is cute, as expected! I can’t wait to see all of the LN illustrations. I’m also a bit curious about the changes. The LN is already like that, so more sugar? Hahahaha my body isn’t ready.


  4. Imouto-san. I cannot read Japanese to save my life ATM. So I cannot find it and its price. So please inform me so that I may donate the proper amount for your purchase.

    This is in no way to try to convince you to translate the LN. Although I am certain that by reading it, you would be able to tell us if it was better than the WN. And if it truly was, you would probably go out of your way to translate it anyway. XD You have shown yourself to be that kind of lovely little sister.

    I merely stated this because I would love it if you would scan and host the illustrations in HD when you receive the book. XD (And give us your opinion of it as compare to the WN after you read it.)


      1. Sly way to include the amount I should donate without answering my initial question directly. Grandma is worried about her little girl’s craftiness.
        Well, with that out of the way. I am never buying you cigarettes, but I will put in a bit extra so you can buy a couple PVC Pipes and couplings so you can build a proper frame. And the clear plastic to protect yourself from the elements. Much better and not that much more expensive than a cardboard box.


      2. Actually, having joined them for a time (Not as a homeless mind you), I can tell you that most don’t smoke. Most spend what little money they can gather to buy alcohol. The ones who WANT to get out of that life, don’t do either. Apparently hitting rock bottom actually makes them actively remove all negatives to their lives. Or drown in them.


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