Non-canon: Summer Vacation – Q of Hearts (Part 4) (parallel world)

Non-canon: Summer Vacation – Q of Hearts (Part 4) (parallel world)

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Author’s Note:
I came up with a Chapter 7(49) with some different contents, so I thought I’d try writing it out.

It follows the original Chapter 6(48)

I’m aware that it’s a little Otome Game-ish. (laughs)

“Uuu, my body feels heavy.”

Oh yeah, Dominique was on top of me. I have to push him off!
My eyes snapped open and I gathered power in my arms, and slapped my palms towards the source of the weight.

But, the weight wouldn’t even budge. It seems that my attack had no effect at all.

“Nn, Camille, you’re up?”

“Mnn? …Huh? Achille’s voice?”

I turned my head left and right, observing my surroundings. I was laying on a canopy bed in a room that I didn’t know.
From on top of a blanket, Achille was leaning on me. …So Achille was the source of the heaviness.
For now, I’m relieved that Dominique isn’t here.

<A Choice Has Appeared>
→ Cry and reflect. (Go to the original Chapter 7
→ Reflect? About what? (Go below!)

“I ended up getting squashed by Dominique, but it seems that I’m fine. As you’d expect, I don’t think I’d be able to support that huge body, after all.”


I wonder why. It feels like a black aura is seeping out of Achille.

“S-, Speaking of which, why am I here?”

I turned my head left and right, observing the room.
Even though I was supposed to be outside until just a moment ago…

“You don’t remember?”

Achille’s eyes turned dangerous.

Really, why do I feel like I just said something incredibly bad…?
Maybe it’s the power of the alcohol, but I can only vaguely remember what happened when I met Dominique.
This is bad, this is really bad… Being pressured by Achille, I’m desperately trying to remember, but because of my panic, my mind is just spinning in circles.

“H-, Huh? Umm…”

“You-, Bakamille! Didn’t I warn you earlier about readily following other men? Didn’t you say that you’d be careful?”


He’s probably talking about the time I went to Tria’s room. He certainly did say it…

“And moreover, you drank! Didn’t you learn from the time at the entrance ceremony?”


It’s a fact that I messed up big time at the entrance ceremony. It hurts to be jabbed there.

<A Choice Has Appeared>
→ Talk back. (Let’s go with this one;)
→ Dogeza.


“B-, But-! If we’re talking, then you too, Achille! Telling me off even though you were all lovestruck, surrounded by those girls! All while telling me not to cheat!”

To be smiling at those girls in front of your own fiancée, even for a calculating guy, isn’t that too cruel?
When I talked back, Achille’s dangerous atmosphere softed a little.
…Huh? Even though, I talked back to him?
Even though there shouldn’t have been anything in my words just now to appease his anger.
On the contrary, because I was prepared to incur more of his anger with my retort, it’s anticlimactic.
It’s incredibly ominous.


“Wwh-, wh-wh-what is it…?”

I asked, coweringly. At times like this, this unreadable fiancé of mine is incredibly scary.

“Could it be… that you were jealous of those girls?”


I looked up at Achille, dumbfounded.

“Hmmm, so you were jealous.”

Achille muttered to himself. It seems like his black aura is quietening down.
Suffering from that at point blank was terrible, so it’s a relief.

As though his expression up until now was a lie, a smile floats to his face.
He’s smiling, no… He’s smirking.


“You’re so cute, Camille. Did you think I’d be stolen by those girls?”

“C-, Cute-?”

What did he say…?
Since we were young, he’s called me “unfortunate” or “idiot” or “thick” countless times, but he’s never ever said something like “cute”.
Being suddenly told that was quite a shock.

“A-, A-A-A-A-As if I-, a-… a-, aym-!”

It’s no good, when I tried to object, I fumbled and couldn’t say it like I wanted to.
Seeing this, Achille’s shoulders trembled in laughter. To be laughing at somebody in turmoil, he’s the worst!

“Achille, you stupid idiot!”

Because his face was right there, I decided to settle things with a chop to his forehead.

“Ahahahaha, sorry Camille.”

He’s still freaking laughing… Once more! I raised my hand to really settle things with a hit to the crown, but my arms were caught, and I was pulled down towards Achille.

“Be gentle with sick people!”

“Aren’t you just drunk, Camille?”

Like that, I was held tightly in Achille’s arms.

“You don’t have to worry. I have no intention of changing my mind to one of those noble daughters, you know?”

I know that. I at least know that Achille isn’t the type of frivolous guy who would do that. But when I see him happily chatting with those girls, I get much too irritated.
But facing him head on and telling him that is, really embarassing.

<A Choice Has Appeared>
→ Tell him honestly.
→ Act tough. (Let’s go with this one;)

That’s why I spat out words that I didn’t really mean.

“I’m not particularly worried or anything. I don’t care either way.”

Suddenly, Achille’s dark aura started gushing out.
Oh crap, did my remark just now rub Achille the wrong way?

“Don’t care either way… huh…?”


I stiffened. It seems that he wasn’t happy to hear “don’t care either way”.
I wanted to put some distance between us, but because I’m being embraced and restrained, it’s impossible.

“You think nothing at all of someone like me, right? That’s why you’ll follow some other guy when it’s just you two?”

“No-… That’s not it.”

Oh crap, oh crappp. Our conversation has looped back to this. At this rate, will it end up as another lecture?
Since a long time ago, I’ve occasionally been lectured by him, but Achille’s lectures where I have no room for objection are scary, and I’m terrible at handling them.

“I wonder if I’m too timid… For you to say something like that to me, is…”

“Eh-? I don’t think that you’re too timid at al-…”

“No, there’s no mistake. Right now, it’d be best to make a stronger impression on you, right? So that you won’t say “don’t care either way” ever again.”

Achille, your eyes are scary you know…
I trembled in dread. Dominique or dragons can’t compare. The thing that I’m most terrified of in this world, might be him…

“N-N-, No need!”

Without listening to me at all, as I’m still laying down on the bed, Achille looms over me.
His hand rested on my dress.

“Wai-… Achille, we can’t do this before marriage, you know! And this kind of thing should only be done when the moonlight is out, okay?”


At this rate I’ll be in, in various meanings, a pinch.
That because of my careless remark, I forcefully turned on Achille’s “switch” is, something that I’m regretting with all my strength.

Author’s Note:
The above was in a parallel universe. (laughs)
It has absolutely no relation to the original story.

“To be laughing at somebody in turmoil, he’s the worst!”
^ here, ‘he’s the worst‘ is more or less how Japanese would say ‘what a bastard!‘, but because of his parentage, I couldn’t use it without readers wondering if there was some extra meaning to it.

“Achille, you stupid idiot!” ← (馬鹿やろう, bakayarou)

Above is an unrelated, but nonetheless enriching video.

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  1. When I read, ‘noncanon’ I almost thought it was going to be a ‘bad end’ or something. Like that one Heavens Feel end… no, like pretty much all of heavens feel. Screw heavens feel.

    Why do I have the impression I forgot what I was talking about?


      1. Or the one where Emiya goes and burns all of his life a split second before winning. Or the like 7 involving getting eaten by darkness at the shrine. Let’s not forget my favorite one in the whole game, where you refuse immediately, shady priest is like ‘bro, I’ll protect you for 3 mapodoufu’ and you get killed going to the convenience store on the way back.

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  2. During the whole chapter, since I read the part “non-canon” I thought it was a FF or something, and for some reason I was all like “H scene! H scene! H scene! H scene! ” I’m terribly sorry for my perverted soul. But that end…Was I right?

    Thanks for the chapter!


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