蘇りの魔王(Yomigaeri no Maou) – Chapter 6~10

Chapter 6 – Giants

Luru slipped between the trees, speeding through the forest.
His reinforced physical abilities given to him through the circulation of mana granted him speed on par with a wolf running through the forest.
The darkness-coloured mana light that shone by his legs were as beautiful as they were in his days as the demon king.

The animals and monsters in the forest couldn’t ignore Luru, the intruder to the forest.
Each time Luru went by, the ears of the animals around him would twitch, and they would turn towards him.
However, they couldn’t deal with Luru’s overwhelming speed and in the end Luru left them behind.

Like that, Luru headed towards the ruin mentioned by Gran and Yuumis.
Even within the forest near the village it was at a comparatively deep location, and was a ruin whose detailed location was known by basically only the hunters of the village.
As for knowledge of its existence however, it was quite famous amongst those that entered the forest, and in fact all the villages knew of it.
Normally he would have asked in detail about the location before heading there, but right now it was a race against time.
He didn’t have the time to do something like that.

Fortunately, he had mostly heard about the direction of the ruins from Gran and Yuumis’ conversations yesterday, and to begin with Luru’s detection capabilities had been raised due to mana.
Thanks to that, he continued forward, having caught small clues about Gran, Yuumis, Rusty, Mii and Yuuri, like their mana, their presences, and their scents.

Luru’s legs didn’t stop.
They were his first human friends since he had been reborn.
There was no way that he would let them lose their lives.


Whether it was good luck or bad luck, close by the ruins that Luru finally arrived at were not just Gran, but Rusty and Mii, and to his shock, Yuuri as well.
Looking carefully, you could see that Rusty and the others were embracing each other, terrified, and trembling enough that words wouldn’t come out.

“Why the hell are you here!? What happened with Yuumis!?”

Angrily yelled Gran.
With his greatsword in a guard, he was standing in front of them, protecting them.
His muscular back felt reliable, and he gave off an intensity that felt like he could protect them from anything.
However, even he may have had opponents that he was disadvantaged against, and it seemed that such an opponent was before him.

It was no surprise that Rusty and the others were trembling, for what stood before Gran were a number of those Magus Machines that were hardly ever seen in this era, and were looking at Gran with their inorganic, glowing red eyes.

“I came to save you! Yuumis is maintaining a barrier over the village!”

Said Luru, arriving at Gran’s side.
Looking at Luru suspiciously, he replied,

“Haah!? The hell did you say!? Of course that’s impossible! It’s too late for me to say anything now that you’re already here, but… You too! Hide behind me, damnit!”

While speaking, Gran turned his greatsword to the Magus Machines.
Were they in the heat of battle, he might not have had the leisure to speak like this.
But mysteriously, the Magus Machines didn’t seem to move, and just continued to stare at them, which is why they could speak like they did.

To explain the design of the Magus Machines in a word, it would be ‘giant’, and they were mostly humanoid, with a thick and large body.
Their hands were armed with swords or axes and such, and given their giant size, could easily turn a person into a lump of meat.
The size of the giants were perhaps 3 metres.
They were almost all made of stone, and looked incredibly hard, and troublesome to deal with.
The area that corresponded to a face had nothing but a single eye that shone red.
Based on all of these traits, Luru guessed that they were the Magus Machine that were massed produced in the early days of the way, the “Stone Giants{Lupes Gigantes}”.

If he remembered correctly, their physical abilities were not all too high, and they were simply constructed Magus Machines.
However, because of that their mass construction was simple, and because they were also difficult to break, they were often used in the public works[Note: public engineering etc.].
The castle that Luru used to live in were also created by a large number of these Lupes Gigantes, so he felt deeply moved somehow.

Though Luru took up a stance against the Lupes Gigantes, he began thinking about the reason why they weren’t attacking.
Though they were used for tasks in public works, it wasn’t uncommon that they were used for battle during emergencies, and during the end days of the human-demon war, almost all of the Lupes Gigantes were converted for battle use.
Accordingly, their attack targets should have been set to humans, but then the fact that they weren’t attacking right now meant that they were assigned some other task.

The wasp-model Magus Machines that had escaped Yuumis, the “Magic Cannon Wasps{Cannon Apis}” had clearly been set to attack humans, though. Just what did this mean…?
He felt that there was some principle behind their actions.

Whilst thinking this, Luru said to Gran,

“I’ll be fine, so you protect Rusty and the others.”

“Like I said, there’s no way I’d bloody accept that! I don’t wanna to be the one to have to explain to your parents when something happens to you! To begin with, this happened because of Yuumis and I. Just obediently let me protect you!”

Replied Gran, almost shouting.
He probably felt a sense of responsibility for it, thinking that this kind of thing happened because the two of them had entered the ruins carelessly.
Because of that, he didn’t want any casualties.
It was easy to understand.

But Luru decided not to reply to Gran’s entreaty, and took a step towards the Lupes Gigantes.
Wondering how close he would need to be before the Magus Machines acted, he stepped forward to find out.


Gran yelled even more, but because Rusty and the others were behind him, he couldn’t move from there.
They didn’t know when the Lupes Gigantes might attack.
Because of that, despite the fact that the Lupes Gigantes weren’t moving, he was forced to stay there.
Normally Yuumis would have come back after setting up a barrier, but because Luru had come here for some reason, Gran had lost his other avenues of action.
Seeing what Luru was doing, as expected Rusty couldn’t bear seeing his childhood friend endanger himself, so whilst trembling, he screamed,

“Luru! He said to stop it!”

However, had this been enough to stop Luru, he wouldn’t have done something like this to begin with.
In the first place, the reason Luru did what he did was because he was the only one that knew how to stop the Magus Machines.
Even if he told Gran how these Magus Machines could be stopped, there was nothing that could be done if Gran wasn’t familiar with the control mechanisms in the ruin.
Because of that, it wasn’t a method that could be finished quickly, and so there was no way Luru could leave it to Gran.
That’s why despite knowing that his words were nothing but consolation, Luru said,

“It’s fine, so you guys just let Gran protect you! I… have to deal with these guys.”

He neared the Magus Machines.
He didn’t know where the boundary [beyond which they would attack] was, but most of the thus far unmoving Lupes Gigantes had their eyes on Luru, and then attacked him.

Are they the type that attack after you enter a certain distance?
Having recognised this, Luru took a distance from them temporarily, and fell back until they stopped attacking.
Of course there was also the chance that they would continue chasing him forever, but the reality was not like that.
As for how far that was, after drawing near and retreating over and over, he realised that it was calculated by distance from the ruins, rather than distance from the pursuing Lupes Gigantes.

Watching that dangerous looking behaviour from behind, Gran also seemed to have come to the same understanding, and relaxed his guard.

“…Seems that they won’t attack unless you get close to the ruins, huh…”

“Yeah. But the wasp model Magus Machines that flew to the village will just attack you no matter what. These ones and those ones probably have a different objective.”

Luru replied to Gran.
Gran tilted his head to the side, and said,


“You can already guess, right? These rock giants are obviously protecting the ruins. It’s natural to think that those wasps are the same.”

“Then why’d they leave here?”

“Isn’t it because those wasps have a greater range of surveillance than these giants?”

“Ahh… I see. I guess I’ll accept that idea for now. But then there’s still an issue; why are they protecting this place?”

That was certainly a good question.
Luru didn’t know of this ruin.
From the appearance of the ruin, it was a small, round and flat building[Note: think a short cylinder], and though Luru was a bit far from it, he could see a staircase a little from the entrance.
There were a bunch of piled rocks near the stairs, so the stairs probably weren’t normally exposed[ and were normally hidden].
The stairs seemed to lead downwards, so you could tell that they headed underground, but Luru had no memory of such a building.
He didn’t know the purpose of the building either, and had no memory of a place guarded by Lupes Gigantes and Cannon Apis during the war.
That meant that this place was necessarily built after Luru’s death as the demon king, but he couldn’t imagine a reason why they would build such a thing.
Could the ancient demon race have survived longer than he had expected?
It couldn’t be helped that he was concerned about what was inside the ruins.
That’s why Luru spoke.

“I’m going to go into the ruin, and search for…”

However, Gran immediately rejected it.

“Oi. That’s no good. I won’t allow it.”

His words were natural.
It was the job of adults to stop children from doing reckless things.
His words were extremely natural.
However, Luru should have been more correct from a logical point of view.

“Things will get dangerous if we don’t hurry up, you know. A bunch of wasp model Magus Machines escaped, right?”

Right. As long as they didn’t know the range in which they were active, deactivating them quickly was a priority.
They had no hints about how to do so, and so there was probably no mistake that there would be something in the ruins, meaning that they needed to hurry up and investigate inside. His argument was sound.

“That may be true but… To begin with, you’re a kid. Do you get it? Do you have enough power to fight? You don’t, right?”

However, though Luru’s argument may have been natural, to Gran, Luru was definitely just a kid.
There was no way that a kid would be able to do something like that, and he argued that there was no way he could let a kid do something dangerous.
Though Luru managed to discover the Lupes Gigantes’ range of action, in the end it was nothing but that approaching and retreating, so it looked like nothing more than an extended game of tag.
In truth, that was basically all he did.
To Gran, Luru was nothing more than a child with fast legs.
And because Luru understood this quite well, he didn’t think that they would get anywhere with just conversation.

That’s why Luru spoke.

“In other words, you’ll accept it if I have enough power, right?”

“Well, frankly speaking, yeah, but…”

“Then just watch me.”

“Huh…? …O-, OI! Stop it, idiot!”

And without time for Gran to stop him, Luru headed towards the Lupes Gigantes.
He then shrouded his fist in mana and attacked the Lupes Gigantes.
From Gran’s point of view, it was an unbelievable action.
A seven year old child attacked the three metre giant of rock with his bare hands.
However you thought about it, it was nothing more than an act of suicide.

However, what was even more unbelievable to Gran was that the one hit Luru threw at the rock giant’s chest had smashed it into tiny pieces of rock.
Without even stopping, Luru continued towards the next Lupes Gigantes and continued to crush them one by one.

“Oi, oi… What the hell is that kid!?”

That was all Gran thought.


“So Luru was actually this strong…”

“It’s unbelievable…”

The shocked voices of Rusty, Mii and Yuuri could be heard.

Each time Luru swung his fist, the Lupes Gigantes would be reduced to rubble.
Luru’s small figure that danced about, struck and kicked the giants and leaving them as just bundles of rock looked almost like he was playing.
Despite doing all that, he was still taking it easy.
That was what Gran could feel from him.

And then, by the time they had noticed, the Lupes Giantes around them were all turned to scrap rock, and not a single one remained functional.

Having done all that, Luru turned to Gran and spoke.

“I wonder if there’s any problem with my power.”

“…No. Since you’ve done this much, I can’t say a thing.”

“Then you don’t mind if I enter?”

Having said that, Luru stared at Gran.
Gran sighed, and replied,

“I got it… But yanno, these ruins have turned into a pretty big find. You can tell from the Magus Machines just now, right? That’s why it seems like it’ll be annoying in the future if you go in alone.”


“I want you to go with Yuumis and I. But the wasp Magus Machines are a problem. So if possible, I want you to head back temporarily if you find a way to stop them. Then if the ruins continue beyond that, wait for us before you go in, or head back to the village for a little. I don’t want you going in too far. Also I suppose I may as well say this while we’re at it, but I’ve also heard in cases where Magic Dolls{Golems} in ruins aren’t being controlled by someone directly, they’re being controlled by some equipment left in there. Considering that these Magus Machines are moving together towards the same goal, they’re probably of the type that I just mentioned. In these cases, if you mess about with the controls, or you break them, it seems the Golems will stop. That’s why if you find one, destroy it. After that, wait there. If not, then wait somewhere not too far in for us. Those are my minimum conditions. If you accept, then I’ll bring these guys back to the village. …You fine with that?”

Gran looked at Rusty, and said that.
To Luru, as long as he could stop the Magus Machines, he would be happy for now, so he nodded.
If possible, he wanted to search every inch of the ancient demon ruin for clues, but whining about it now would be annoying, so he didn’t.

“Got it. I’m fine with that. …Well then, I’ll leave Rusty and the rest to you. …Rusty, Mii, Yuuri – be careful heading back, alright?”

When he said that, the three of them obediently said,

“Yeah! You be careful too! I mean… I get that I can’t go in with you, after all.”

“Rusty is being obedient for once… Luru. Don’t try to do anything that you can’t, okay? But I know that you won’t do anything reckless like Rusty, so you might be fine even if I didn’t say this.”

“Sorry about this, Luru. I tried to stop Rusty and Mii but… in the end I just made trouble for you all the same. I’ll show you my gratitude later.”

Saying that, they followed Gran and headed towards the village.

Luru once again gazed at the ruin.
They weren’t built of anything strange.
It didn’t look very different from the buildings he had often seen as a demon king.
It seemed that there was no mistaking that this wasn’t built too long after his defeat at the hands of the hero.

“…It’d be nice if there weren’t any traps. Wait, or perhaps the Magus Machines were the trap…”

Like that, Luru headed into the ruins.

Lupes Gigantes: Luu Pehs Gi Gans Tes

Was a bit liberal with ‘その方法をグランたちに教えたところで、遺跡の中にあるだろう中央装置の扱いを知らなければどうしようもない。’

Haaaah!? is a type of scoffing ‘whaat!?’ sound. I don’t just write ‘what’ because ‘what’ lacks the scoffy-ness, and ‘haaah’ is close enough to someone going ‘huuuuh!?’ in the same circumstances.

/Chapter 6 END

Chapter 7 – The Sleeping Maiden

“…And with this, I’m done.”

In one of the rooms in the ruin, whilst reading the various information projected on a giant screen, he finished what he was doing after only a few minutes.
After Gran had left and Luru had gone into the ruins to have a look, though the exterior had been worn down, he found that the insides were quite splendid you could say, and had been broken in few places, and with its facilities almost all in working condition.
Thanks to the demon race’s prided magic installations, the system was still taking care of the maintainance of this facility, and this Magus Machine was one of the terminals of the maintainance system. Since Luru could send signals from the central installation, he was relieved at being able to shut down the Magus Machines outside.

With this, he no longer had anything in particular to do so he could have just returned to the village, but Luru felt the desire to know every corner of this ruin.

The central installation had been located not very far from the stairs, but it seemed that it maintained the entirety of the ruin and there was a map still in there.
Because of that, Luru understood that he had was still just at the entrance to the facility.
In other words, the ruin still continued further in, and it seemed that the possibility of there being clues on the ancient demon race was high.

Since he was already here, he wondered if there was any information in this room about what happened after he had died as the demon king, but found that there was nothing aside from things related to the installation, and even that was of the bare minimum level.

It was as though they were trying to hide something.

The level of difficulty in finding information was enough to make him feel as such.
It might have been lucky that he had managed to shut down the Magus Machines this quickly.
Having said that though, after considerign that it was because of this that this facility had managed to remain after all this time even after the humans defeated the demons, Luru held complicated feelings about it.

Regarding the Magus Machines, when he shut them down he had a check to see what their objectives were. The Lupes Gigantes had been tasked with the maintainance of the exposed above-ground areas, and the Cannon Apis had been charged with keeping surveillance of the surrounding areas.
While they did so, if they discovered anything abnormal, they would eliminate them if they approached within a certain range.
It seemed that Luru was correct about the Cannon Apis and Lupes Gigantes having different range of surveillances, and unlike the Cannon Apis that had attacked as far as the village, the Lupes Gigantes didn’t move beyond 10 metres from the ruin.

Because of the technological strength of the ancient demon race, the exposed above-ground portions were durable even with the passage of time, but having said that, they wouldn’t be fine for eternity.
Maintainance would be required once every few hundred years, and because of some bad luck, or perhaps you could say good luck, Gran and Yuumis had stumbled upon that exact maintainance day by coincidence.
It seems that after the Lupes Gigantes completed their maintainance of the broken walls above ground, they were going to seal up the entrance to the underground portions of the ruin with a new, airtight wall, so this time had truly been a coincidence.

Including the fact that Luru, a former demon king, was here, he felt that it was hard to say if Gran and Yuumis had good luck or bad luck, but perhaps ‘coincidence’ is actually something like that, thought Luru as he waited for them with a smile.

As for the other things that he came to understand from searching the central installation room, it was that this place wasn’t built for the sake of the war against humans, but was to house some kind of long-term preservation device, and to preserve its functionality.
Unfortunately he didn’t know what was being preserved, but whether because of some flaw of the central installation, or perhaps as design, he couldn’t find out even when he searched for it.
However, since he had this map he knew precisely where it would be, and once Gran and Yuumis came, he could just find out himself.

In truth he wanted to go look now, but a promise was a promise.
Breaking it would just give him a guilty conscious, and though he was aware that he wouldn’t be punished or anything, Gran had shown his good will through his words, and Luru felt somewhat hesistant to betray that good will of his.

That’s why Luru waited.
He would wait until Gran had delivered Rusty and the others to the village, and returned with Yuumis.


-Clunk, Clunk-

In the room packed with mage devices created by the ancient demon race, sat Luru, hugging his knees while he waited for Gran.
While he did, he heard echoes resound through the inside of the ruins.
When he listened carefully, he realised that they were the sound of somebody’s footseps.

And as for whose footsteps they were, that was extremely easy to conclude.
You couldn’t easily find people who would come to places like this, meaning that it was none other than Gran who had left Rusty, Mii and Yuuris at the village.

And truly, a burly swordsman appeared in the room after a short while; it was Gran.
Luru felt a little better having seen Gran head towards him with a hearty smile.

Being alone in a ruin created by his comrades long ago with nobody left in in was surprisingly lonely, and painful.

When Gran returned, he felt something warm return inside him.
His blood was finally moving again.

Gran’s smile clouded over a little when he saw Luru’s haggard expression.

“…Oi, you alright?”

He asked.
Luru smiled, and replied,

“I’m fine… It seems that the inside of the ruin is cold, that’s all.”

Now that it was mentioned, Gran surveyed the surroundings once more, and patted his body, seemingly noticing it.

“It really is cold, huh… Well, it’s underground after all. Not cold enough to catch a cold, though.”

“Yeah. …Well then, shall we start exploring?”

“Ahh… It feels kinda weird to have you taking charge, Luru.”

“Isn’t that fine? I’m the one who stopped the Magus Machines… They stopped, right?”

As though thinking back on it, Gran nodded and replied.

“Ohh, you’re right, you’re right. All of the wasp model Magus Machines that attacked the village stopped at once. Good job! They were smashed to pieces on the ground… Yuumis looked a bit like she was gunna cry. She was saying ‘Precious legacies of the past are…!‘ or something like that.”

Spoke Gran, a little jokingly.
It looked like he was picturing Yuumis’ dramatic show of sorrow.

“It isn’t like they can’t be used for research even if they’re broken a little, right?”

“Well, that’s right, but she wanted some that were in a more perfect shape, yanno.”

“I get how she feels, but… it’s too late to do anything about that now, right? If we search the ruins, we might find some more Magus Machines like that. Ahh, speaking of which, where’s Yuumis? Didn’t she come together with you?”

When Luru asked this, Gran frowned and spoke accusingly.

“Oi, oi, did you forget what it was you did?”


“Didn’t you fiddle with the barrier around the village so that Yuumis couldn’t come out? Yuumis was crying and screaming, ‘I can’t get out! I can’t get out!‘ yanno. Despite that, the kids seemed to go in just fine, though.”

Now that it was mentioned,
Come to think of it, something like that did happen, huh.
he remembered.
But in that case, why wasn’t Gran locked in as well?‘, he wondered.
If he remembered correctly, he set it so that Rusty, Mii, Yuuri, and Gran would be able to enter it.
And so that nobody would be able to leave.
But despite that, Gran was here right now.
When Luru asked about this, Gran replied,

“Before I entered the barrier, Yuumis screamed at me. ‘Don’t enter the barrier’, she said. It was a pretty close call.”

“Ahh… Well that makes sense. So Yuumis is still inside the barrier, huh? Couldn’t she have just rewritten the magic sequence again?”

Muttered Luru.
When he did, Gran tilted his head to the side, and said,

“You say it like its easy, but don’t you know just how hard rewriting magic sequences is? It’d be a different story if you had a huge amount of mana, but yanno, if magicians got their magic sequences rewritten by others that easily, they’d be useless. Even a competent magician needs at least a few dozen minutes, yanno.”

“But I thought it’d already been a few dozen minutes.”

“Yuumis’ magic sequence was an original of hers. To begin with it was made so that it’d be hard to rewrite, and since it was overwritten with an even more high level sequence, Yuumis said she didn’t know how to rewrite it anymore. I might be average when it comes to magic sequences, but Yuumis is a first-rate magician, you know? And for her barrier to be…”

Since the barrier Yuumis used was quite high level, Luru thought that with time she would be able to rewrite it again, but it seems that things weren’t so simple.
Perhaps the technique he used was something that was lost over these past millenia.
Since the technique of rewriting was something that required a slightly different mode of thought than simply using magecraft, Luru felt that he could understand how things ended up this way.

“Well, as for Yuumis it’ll be fine if we release the barrier when we get back. Gran, there’s no use just standing here. We can talk while we walk. Let’s move.”

Gran tilted his head at Luru’s words, and voiced his doubts.

“…It’s weird. Are you really seven? It feels like I’m talking to someone older than me.”

In truth, if you included his years as the demon king, Luru was undoubtedly the elder so Gran’s feeling was correct.
But the reality was that Luru was no older than seven years old.
Gran might have felt something like ‘Why is this brat speaking so importantly?’. [Note: In Japanese, younger people are typically of lower station, hence use polite speech. But Luru has been speaking as an equal, and his last line was kind of imperative.]
Because of that, Luru obediently apologised.

“Really? My bad. I’ll take care.”[Note: Still not using polite speech]

However the apology itself sounded somewhat wrong.
Gran frowned even more, and then looking like he had given up, said,

“… Like I said… Well, whatever. Let’s go.”

And like that, Luru and Gran began to walk.


The insides of the ruin were surprisingly bright, and not much moisture could be felt in the atmosphere.
The ceiling of the ruin itself glowed softly, and the floor was stable and sound.
While gazing at the equipment in the ruin, Gran let out a voice of admiration.

“This is amazing… I can understand why Yuumis gets so into this stuff now.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well… This light included, aren’t there a whole bunch of Magus Machines installed here? With this level of technology, succesfully analysing just one of these things would make life a lot more convenient!”

“”You can’t find this stuff in large towns?”

Luru hardly ever left his village and when he did, he had only gone to the neighbouring town at best, so he still hadn’t ever set foor in a large city.
Because of that, he wasn’t well versed in the level of technology in cultural capitals, and thought to ask Gran to find out.

“Well… It’s not like there’s not, but there aren’t many people who could fill up a whole building like this one. Not only that, the mana consumption isn’t a joke and hardly any of them can be used for long periods of time. But it seems this ruin is different. Anyway, thousands of years have passed at the least, but they’re functioning even now… I dunno how they’re built, but they’re pretty amazing tools huh…”

From these words, Luru was able to guess that the level of technology circulating in this era was quite primitive.
His father Patrick had a few Magic Tools, but according to his father, the capital had more of them to an extent, but it seemed that they couldn’t mass produce so many that you’d find them in just any old marketplace.
Though it was said that a portion of the Magus Machines had been reproduced, or so Luru had learned from the books in his home, it really was just a portion, and they probably couldn’t be found that often on the market.
He wouldn’t say that all Magus Machines outdid Magic Tools, but it was clear nonetheless that this ruin was filled with a great many convenient things.
Their consumption of mana was different too, so if they had to try and manufacture a great deal of one, the Magus Machines would be better.
Luru had considered one day creating some Magus Machines and selling them on the market, but going by the trend of the information, it seemed that doing so would just create troubles for him.
Of course he couldn’t make a final decision based just on his chats with his father and Gran, but he was thinking that perhaps it would be better not to do so.

There were a few Magus Machines in the passageway, but they didn’t attack Luru and Gran.
It was because Luru had set them as such when he had come into contact with the central installation.
He had assigned them all to maintainance duties, so they were completely indifferent to Luru and Gran who were doing nothing but walking about.

It seems that Gran just couldn’t get used to it, and each time a Magus Machine went past, he would prepare his greatsword in caution, but Luru was smoothly walking forward without a trace of tension.
Watching Luru act like that, Gran spoke.

“…I really can’t tell if it’s bravery or recklessness.”

Luru just knew that it was neither.
The Magus Machines would just act according to settings.
And right now, those settings had been set to no attacks.
That’s why the two of them were safe.
That was all it was.

However, he couldn’t very likely explain this to Gran, nor would Gran likely understand it even if Luru did.
Since Luru understood this, he just smiled without a reply, and continued further into the ruins.


“Is this as far as it goes?”

Having travelled to the end of the straight path, Gran stopped his feet and voiced that question.
In front of his eyes was a massive double door that overlooked the two of them oppressively.

It was perhaps made of… metal?
No aging could be seen on the smooth silver doors, and considering that it had withstood such a long period of time, its durability could probably said to be very high.

Touching and pushing on it to investigate but finding that it wouldn’t open, Gran seemed to shake his head in acceptance, and turned to Luru to speak.

“It’s no good. This thing won’t open.”

“It’s a door, so there’s no way that it shouldn’t open, but…”

Being told that, Gran stopped to think for a little, before saying,

“I heard this from Yuumis, but in a lot of ruins there are doors that won’t open unless you fulfil some kind of requirements. This is probably one of those types too… It probably won’t open unless we fiddle with the equipment in that first room you were in, right? …Wanna head back?”

So proposed Gran.
Certainly there was a chance that it would open if they returned there.
But Luru had investigated the central installation to his limits just a while ago, and didn’t find that sort of function.
However, he had told Gran that he had just randomly fiddled with it, so he couldn’t explain the controls in too much details either.
His story was that he had just coincidentally managed to stop the Magus Machines.

“Nah, it’d be a pain to head there and back. There’s no saying that it’ll open once we head back there. Shouldn’t we look around for a bit more?”

Gran who thought about Luru’s proposal for a little while suddenly seemed to gasp a little, and then said,

“Well yeah, but… how about I try chopping it down?”

Though it wasn’t anything like ‘a flash of inspiration’, Luru did think that it was a simple method with promise.
Moreover, if it didn’t work, then it didn’t work.

“…That might be good too. Gran, mind giving it a go?”


With that, Gran began to refine the mana that was set up in his greatsword.
It looked like he was simply swinging his sword, but perhaps because he was a first rate adventurer, it possessed considerable might.
Enough that you’d start to think that maybe he really could chop the doors down.


And so with a shout, the running Gran swung his sword downwards.
The greatsword had certainly headed towards the doors, and the blade had come into contact with them.


The sound of metal on metal, together with flying sparks.

“…No use, huh.”

Said the dejected Gran.
He touched the place his sword had cut, but,

“…Not a single scratch. I’m seriously gunna lose my confidence…”

From Luru’s perspective it was also quite a powerful blow, but this probably meant that the doors’ durability had won.
They were probably created with the demon race’s highest class techniques.
With this, they had no choice but to challenge it fair-and-square, but returning to the central installation was useless too.
Just what could they do…?

Luru neared the doors, and tried touching the edges of those silver doors.
When he did, mysteriously, they could hear a voice.
It was something he had often heard in the past from Magus Machines; the sound of an artificial voice.
It resounded, with some parts of it a little blurred.

『……Mana……wavelength……confirmed……searchi……Match……100th……n King Luruslia Nord……rights……Release……the first……Great……Lock?』

There were many parts with crackling noise mixed in, but mixed in were worsd that he couldn’t ignore.
However, right now that wasn’t the issue.
It seemed that Gran had also heard it;

“…Is it saying that it’ll open up?”

he muttered, whilst he stared up at the ceiling.
It wasn’t as though the voice was coming from the ceiling, but he ended up looking at the ceiling since he couldn’t tell where it did come from.
As Gran said, the artificial voice was probably asking if it should open the door.
Moreover, it had called out Luru’s name as the demon king.
It had recognised Luru as the demon king himself.
Though Luru had certainly also wondered what was going on, considering that he was a human now, he determined that what he needed to do now was answer the voice, so he shouted,

“Open it!”

Since it had asked if they wanted to open it, just those few words should have sufficed.
As expected, it seemed that they had heard it, and the artificial voice replied just,


Then, from the large doors in front of them, the sound of a lock turning could be heard, and then even though they hadn’t so much as touched the doors, they began creaking open by themselves.
Gran and Luru watched this in shock for a little while, and then when it seemed that the doors had completely opened, ―THU-THUMP― it rang, as it stopped moving.

“…It seems the doors have opened, so… shall we head inside?”

With Luru words, Gran nodded in a fluster and replied,

“Y-, yeah… But seriously, this ruin won’t stop giving me surprises…”

With that, the two of them headed inside with the clucking of their shoes.


Beyond the doors was a considerably wide room.
The hemispherical ceiling covered the entire place.
It somehow gave off a solemn atmosphere, and it felt like the room was overflowing with stillness.

And in the centre of the room was a cylinder made of transparent material.
It was probably just large enough to fit a single person in there.

And seeing this, Luru immediately understood.

That was a Capsule.
It was a long term sleeping device created in the past by the demon race.
However, when Luru had died, it still wasn’t applicable for practical use yet, but despite this, it was there before Luru’s eyes.
Was there somebody inside?
Did one of Luru’s comrades from long ago, having crossed over these thousands of years, still sleep there?

Wondering this and feeling a incredible longing for his companions, Luru clumsily rushed over to the Capsule.

So strong was the feeling, that it seemed something would break in him were there nobody there.

So I’m begging you, anybody, please be in there.
I’m begging you.

He thought.

And then, having mustered his resolve, Luru peered inside.
―――And what lay there was a single girl, quietly sleeping.

/Chapter 7 END

Chapter 8 – Hour of Awakening

[‘When she awoke’]

Beyond the clear material of the Capsule slept a young girl without a breath, possessing an almost sculpted looking face, so beautiful that she didn’t seem real.

She had silver hair, almost transparent white skin, and fine and slender limbs.
Her age seemed about the same as Luru’s right now, and her face was young enough that you could say it was cherubic.

However, none of that mattered.
To Luru, what was important was that she her features conformed with the characteristics of the race now called the ancient demon race.
The extreme mana conductivity of the ancient demon race dyed their hair silver.
That was the most important feature of the ancient demon race.
Humans didn’t possess this kind of hair.
It seemed that modern people didn’t know about this fact, but of course Luru did.
He knew that this appearance was that of the ancient demon race.
That’s why he knew that the girl before him was of the ancient demon race.

And, what was even more important, was that he knew very well who this girl was.

There was no way he could forget.
It was the girl he was worried about during his fight with the hero.
The face that appeared in his mind when he regretted being eternally unable to celebrate her birthday.
The daughter of Bacchus Taesnola who had long ago been the Demon King Luruslia Nord’s trusted friend.


Muttered Luru.

Gran peered into the Capsule as well from behind Luru, and when he realised that what was laying there was a girl, he raised his voice in shock.

“…Oi, why the hell is there a person in there!? Are they alive?”

With those words, Luru confirmed a second time that as expected, the characteristics of the ancient demon race weren’t passed on to the people of this era.
To gran, she was nothing but a human.
In fact, excluding her hair, the girl’s – Iris’ appearance wasn’t different to a human’s whatsoever.
You could feel that she had a little bit more mana, but even so, the reason it felt like she was still a human was probably because she had been continuously sleeping for so long.
The long term sleeping system required a lot of mana to operate, so diminished mana during the sleep was one of the side effects of its use.
When Luru was the demon king, the effect of this was large enough that it couldn’t be ignored; enough that if one slept for 100 years, all of their mana would be used up. As a result, it wasn’t able to be put to practical use.
Since then, technology had probably progressed, and it had been reformed so you could sleep for even thousands of years without issue.
If it was using just a little bit of the mana within the body, then the ancient demon race could do so without problem at all.
Once their woke up and began moving about, their mana would return to levels befitting of the ancient demon race once feared by the humans, after all.
There were no major problems with the machine outside of that side effect after all, and being case, it meant that Iris was now safely sleeping.

That’s why Luru replied,

“I don’t know why but… she’s alive, isn’t she? There’s no way to check except by opening it up”

“Even if you talk about opening it up… how are we supposed to open this thing, anyway? I’ve never seen something like this before. There’s someone inside, so I can’t bloody well chop it open either.”

Gran spoke with a troubled expression.
The transparent Capsule that covered Iris was also made from ancient demon race technology, and not only had it survived thousands of years without a problem, you could imagine that even if you cut at it, it would be fine just like the doors from a while ago.
That being the case, they had no choice but to open it the way they were meant to.
In the doors’ case, what seemed to be the management system’s artificial voice had spoken when Luru touched it.

What if he touched it as well, this time…?

Thinking this, Luru slowly and quietly brought his hand to the Capsule.
It was a machine that had probably allowed a living being to sleep without dying for many, many years.
Because he was afraid of breaking it by handling it roughly, he had ended up touching it the way he did.
Though he comprehended that it wasn’t made of anything so brittle, this was a matter of the heart.

And then, Luru’s hand made contact with the Capsule.
And when it did,

『……suspend……long……ing equipment……number……?』

resounded the blurred artificial voice, once more. Thus, Luru replied,

“Please suspend it! With the life of the person using the equipment as priority!”

It would be trouble if all that happened was that the system shut down.
They had to wake make sure she woke up safely.
That’s why Luru said what he did.
The artificial intelligence created long ago via mage technology[/arts] had been created with the ability to obey these kinds of vague instructions in mind, so as long as there wasn’t some kind of flaw that developed as a result of the few millennia that had passed, it would do as he intended.
And truly, the artificial voice said.


and began preparing to suspend the long term sleeping equipment.
Some kind of mist-like medicine or something was being sprayed inside the Capsule before their eyes.
What happened after was that the blood gradually began to return to Iris’ pale face.
Her chest that had been completely still up until now began to slowly rise and fall, and you could tell that she had begun to breath.
It was probably to wake her up.

“…Seems she’s alive, huh.”

Muttered Gran, as he watched over these events.
From his point of view, he probably couldn’t understand what on earth this Capsule was.
Even Luru couldn’t understand the details of this, even if he knew that Iris was being woken up.
It was unreasonable to expect the people of this era to understand.

How long passed by after that?
It didn’t feel like too long had passed, and it also felt like it was just an instant. When that time had passed, a line suddenly appeared down the middle of the capsule, and after that, the Capsule opened, and the two halves of the transparent Capsule were stored in each side.

At last, Iris had awoken.
Thinking this, Luru approached the sleeping Iris with resolve.

Looking at her face up close, Luru felt a profound feeling of nostalgia[/longing].
He recalled the joyful face of his friend who had just had a child.
The many times he had celebrated her birthday.
Iris’ smiling face as she ran up to him to be spoiled.
And the happy expressions of her parents who watched this.

All of those revived in him when he saw her face.

Aaah, she was finally waking up.
Even though he had expected her to have died after his fight, she managed to survive safe and sound, and even reunited with he who should have died.

He felt deeply moved by this.

In the past, in the height of the war with the humans, when they resolved themselves to die, soldiers would say to their sweethearts before heading to battle,

『Even if I fall in battle, let’s meet again in the next life. The cycle of rebirth will definitely allow us to meet again.』

They were words of faith, of temporary comfort, and of consolation.
They believed in this in the depths of their hearts, but that didn’t mean that they truly expected to be able to meet again.

Despite all of this, Luru was now seeing such a miracle.

It was just a little, but he felt that he couldn’t believe it.
However, it was reality.

He who had become a human, and the daughter of his old friend, separated by thousands of years, met each other.

This was reality.

Like that, Luru gazed at her face as he stopped his emotions from leaking prematurely.


And then, the girl opened her eyes.

Slowly, and majestically.

Both Luru and Gran were for an instant entranced by that beautiful sight.

However, it was only for an instant.

The one who noticed first was Gran.

“…!? Luru! That kid is dangerous!! …Guah-!!”

Together with his scream, Gran was sent flying without reason and crashed again the wall.
The shocked Luru returned to his senses, and with eyes wide, he saw that the now awakened and upwards facing Iris had the palm of her right hand pointed towards Gran, with smoke rising from it.

Luru understood that Iris was the one who had sent Gran flying.

“…What are you…!?”

Shouted Luru in panic, but the rising Iris suddenly smiled, her soft gaze became sharp and she glared at Luru.
Her glittering red eyes burned with hatred and anger.

“…Human. Die.”

It was a dark voice, colder than a glacier.
A voice smothered in all despair.
And then, Luru noticed her words.
He hadn’t paid any attention, but it was a reality that he was a human, and long ago the demon race and human race had been enemies who killed each other.
It was a reality that to Iris, Luru looked like nothing but an enemy.

His seven years of peace living as a human had made Luru forget his wariness from his time as the demon king.

Iris slowly, but at a speed that was invisible from human standards, moved her arm towards Luru.

It seemed that she had no intention of using a chant.
Gathered mana compressed in an instant in Iris’ hand, and she fired it at Luru.

Luru felt shock at her ability to manipulate mana so quickly.
The Iris that Luru had known didn’t possess this much power.
She was nothing more than a young child, and not only was her mana in its growth phase, but she was at an age where her magic and magecraft would only develop later on.

Despite this, just now was at the level of a soldier.
Luru didn’t know just how much time had passed after he had died.
However, he could tell from her power that she had gone through some considerably harsh training.

The red orb of mana, or Mana Bullet{Magia Globus}, that Iris had fired off approached Luru’s abdomen at a terrifying speed.

If it hits him, he’ll have no choice but to be prepared for death.

It was magecraft that possessed enough power and speed to make any onlookers believe so.

However, the one who stood there was the reborn Demon King, Luruslia Nord.

Regardless of the heights it may have reached, and regardless of the fact that she was an ancient demon, as long as it hadn’t escaped the level of an ordinary soldier, it was impossible to breach his defences.

The Magia Globus that had likely been Iris’ surprise attack was softly caught by Luru’s palm, and as though it was his own mana, he moulded it into four parts.
And then, he began treating it almost like a bean bag.

While freely manipulating the four spheres of mana, Luru immersed himself in the nostalgic memories of having often done this type of thing during his time as demon king.

As the demon king, he had visited children who had lost their parents to the war and played with them.

Playing included pointless activities, as well as many activities with the goal of improving their combat skills.
There were a number of games that helped children master their control of mana.

There was the game of tag where one would scatter their mana, and you had to find them.
There was the game of throwing Magia Globus at each other like a snowball fight.
There was also turning your mana into a beanbag, and competing to see who could do it manipulate it more freely.

All of these were games devised for skill training, for the sake of protecting the lives of these children in battle,

Luru performing one of these games had made Iris stare at him, eyes wide.

There was no reason humans should know about this game, and even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to learn it like nothing.

It was not only that, either.

Just now, the number of Mana Bullets{Magia Globus} that Luru had on hand, numbered in the dozens.
The original four had gradually been split up, and the number of them gradually increased.
Now, not only were the numbers beyond normal, but so was the speed at which they flew around as well, each of them more beautifully and carefully controlled than she had ever seen before.

Even amongst the demon race, it was something that couldn’t be done except by those with considerable ability, and furthermore, with that number of Magia Globus, Iris knew of only one person who could do as such.


The feeble voice that she wrang from her throat was filled with complete confidence, which is why despite it being unsuited for his current age, Luru flashed the cynical seeming smile that he often did as the demon king, and said,

“…Iris. Uncle’s here.”

It was the line that he had said the most to her, when he visited his friends house.
It seemed that Iris remembered, and after widening her eyes with an expression filled with shock, a stream of tears ran down her face as she began running towards him.
The approaching Iris was small and slender.
She lightly jumped into Luru’s chest, and burying her face in it, she shouted with all she had,

“Ojisama-… Ojisama!”

Luru began to quietly pat Iris, who said nothing but that as she bawled.
After that, he glanced to the side at Gran.

The armour he was wearing was greatly dented, but he was alive, and neither were there any great injuries.
Since he seemed to have just fainted, Luru was relieved.

But really, Gran was also quite an unlucky man.
There was already no room left for doubt about the fact that Gran was a first rate adventurer.
Even if that technique was quite high level, and it was his first time seeing it, normally it would have been impossible for him to have been taken out without doing a thing.
That’s why it wasn’t as though Gran couldn’t see through Iris’ Magia Globus.
This time there was nothing that could be said except that it was a bad choice of opponent.

Gran had probably responded to Iris’ magecraft as a normal Magia Globus.
He must have judged that cloaking his armour in mana would be enough to handle it.
Like that, he’d be able to change positions easily, and on top of that he could dull the opponent’s morale; fact, it was because he was a veteran adventurer that he was able to consider these things and take action the way he did.

However, the skill that was indispensible to the ancient demon race was lethal to Gran.
Being able to see the circulation of the opponents mana, and then firing magic that would decompose it, was a skill that any full-fledged demon soldier possessed.
However, that kind of technique had been lost to the ages, and Gran who lived in the modern era couldn’t deal with it.
The simplest method for him would have been to simply avoid it, but if he didn’t know about the technique, then there was no reason he would take such an action.
In other ways, it was because of all this that things ended the way they did.
It really was pitiful.

And then whilst thinking about all this, Luru was at his wits’ end about what to do about all this.

Iris was one of the issues, and what he would say to Gran was another.
Once he got back to the village, he had to say something to Yuumis as well.

His objectives of saving his friends and investigating the purpose of this ruin was more or less accomplished but the amount of problems it had given birth to were too many.

Having said that though…

He looked at the crying girl at his chest.

When he did, she looked back up at him.
It was an awful looking face.
The face that really should have looked like a doll’s was now soaked with mucus and tears.


Because it was just too much, Luru had to stifle a laugh.
Seeing this, Iris pouted her cheeks a little.

“H-, how cruel… I have been living all this time thinking of taking revenge for you, Ojisama, but you laugh at me like that! Honestly…!”

“…But you really should look in a mirror. You look terrible, you know.”

Being told that, Iris tilted her head a little and asked,

“Is it truly that bad…? …Speaking of which, the way you speak has changed slightly, has it not? …And if I look carefully, your face too… What is going on? Mmm? Which reminds me, you should have perished in the battle with the hero but… And what time is it now? Where is this place?”

Once she began questioning one thing, a whole load of questions began to surface.
Luru as well couldn’t so quickly organise and answer these questions, so without any other choice he said,

“I’ll explain it later… A lot happened.”

“A lot… you say?”

“Yeah, a lot.”

“I see… Ah-, speaking of which, is the person that I sent flying earlier all right? They are one of your acquaintances, are they not? Umm, I believed them an enemy, and…”

Iris who nodded to Luru’s words started to become flustered.
Normally Iris wasn’t the type to hold hatred towards humans.
It seemed that she attacked in the beginning because she had just woken up, and moreover had been thinking about revenge for Luru as well.
However, Luru was alive, and now that she was fully conscious, she had calmed down.

Luru smiled at the panicked Iris once again.

“You know, even if you say that now… Well, that man, Gran, is alive though, so all you have to do is apologise later. He’ll probably forgive you.”

“Are they a magnanimous person, I wonder… So there are people as generous as Ojisama even in the human race, I see!”

“No, I’m not really that magnanimous, but… Gran doesn’t fuss about the details, so I think it might go well if we write it off as an unfortunate accident.”

“T-, then let us do as such…”

Their triling conversation was nostalgic, and Luru felt for the first time in a long time, fulfilled.
Once Gran woke up, first they’d start off with an explanation.
After that, they’d return to the village and explain to Yuumis as well.
After that, and after that…

Whilst imagining a bright future with an optimism that would have been unimaginable thus far, Luru continued to chat with Iris.

  • Iris uses ‘watakushi’. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry. Also she speaks very politely. It doesn’t flow as well in English because we now have fewer ‘levels’ of polite speech, but whatever. It’s a fantasy; get on board with it.
  • As you probably know, a great many East Asian cultures refer to people of certain age by corresponding familial relationship. In Japan they are ‘older brother’, ‘older sister’, ‘aunt’, ‘uncle’, ‘grandmother’, ‘grandfather’.
    Here, Ojisama literally means ‘esteemed uncle’, but he is not actually her relative, but rather a close older male of an age appropriate of an uncle.
  • Strictly speaking, 弾 can also mean ‘ball’, ‘bead’, ‘orb’, etc. but I prefer the translations of ‘___弾’ as ‘___ bullet’ when its a projectile weapon/skill. From the ‘globus’ part of the name though, you can tell that it also means ‘ball’.

/Chapter 8 END

Chapter 9 – Discussion

It wasn’t as though they couldn’t forcefully awaken the unconscious Gran, but on top of feeling awkward about waking up a man who had been knocked out by a huge impact and now lay crumpled on the floor, Luru felt that he needed to have a discussion with Iris to a degree about certain things, so he decided to have a question and answer session, and discuss what they were going to do from now on.

To begin with, it was on his mind; why was Iris sleeping in long term sleeping equipment in a ruin like this?
Furthermore, just what on earth had happened to their brethren after Demon King Luruslia Nord had fallen to the heroes?

After calming down Iris who was almost exhausted from crying, and then having her sit down, Luru sat down beside her an began talking to find out about these two questions.

“So… I have some questions, but would you be fine with answering?”

Iris nodded as though it was obvious, and began speaking.

“Of course! By all means, please order me as you please. And… I too have some things that I wish to ask. If it is fine with you, would you answer as well?”

Now that it was mentioned, Luru thought ‘Ahh, that’s right‘, and began to think.
From Iris’ point of view, certainly she believed that Luru was the demon king, but not only were his features that of a human, but on top of that, his appearance had changed and he was now a child; an incomprehensible situation.
It might be better for him to explain these things first…
Thinking this, Luru nodded.

“Yeah, definitely. You must be holding doubts about whether I’m really Demon King Luruslia Nord, huh…”

Thinking about the reality, it wouldn’t have been at all strange for her to be suspicious of him from now on, or so Luru thought.
However, Iris shook her head and said,

“Not at all! Ojisama is Ojisama! There is no mistaking it. I hold no doubts about this matter…”

The tears that were supposed to have disappeared were gathering like beads again as Iris said this, and she spoke with such intensity that Luru was taken aback.
He certainly hadn’t expected her to have believed him to this extent, after all.
He had expected it to be at best a, ‘that possibility exists‘ sort of level, so her words which were the same as saying she had zero doubt, were shocking to him.

“I’m grateful but… why?”

“It is because of your Magia Globus beanbag. You did so because you also thought I would recognise it, did you not? To control that number of Magia Globus, no matter how talented a demon they may be, there is nobody who can do so besides you, Ojisama.”

“Certain I was thinking that it’d be nice if you remembered but… is it really enough to be that sure? Your esteemed father… Bacchus; couldn’t he do this too?”

No matter how great Luru was amongst the demon race at manipulating mana, right now he couldn’t do all that much in this body.
There was also the fact that he wasn’t used to it yet, and the ability of this body was different to when he was a demon.
It was because manipulating Magia Globus was done outside of the body, and Iris, being a demon, had fired off mana that had the same feeling as when he was demon king; it was very likely that if somebody told him to do the same thing again by himself, he’d be unable to.
Furthermore, Luru had the feeling that his sworn friend would be able to do at least that much as well.
However, Iris shook her head.

“No. Father could not do it. How should I put it…? That person was bad with fine control of mana, and though only a little, he had trouble with precision activities, such as the likes of Magia Globus control. I have memories of playing this with him many times, but his numbered 10 at best. For him to control almost a hundred like you did… was impossible.”

Now that it was mentioned, Iris’ father, Bacchus Taesnola, had a part of him that was a little sketchy with the details, and Luru had memories of him being bad with detailed work.
When it came to battling he was an extremely skilled person, and was notably for being able to take on even an army by himself, but Luru hadn’t ever seen him do any fine work with mana.
Due to his mighty mana, he was a man who relied on large scale battle magic, and after circulating mana through his body he engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Because of this, perhaps he hardly ever did anything like controlling Magia Globus.

“Certainly I can understand if its him, but… there should be others, right? Myutos or Reine, for example.”

Both of them were once Luru’s subordinates, and known as excellent magic and magecraft specialists.
Myutos was a shrivelled and neurotic magus, whilst Reine was a stupid woman with stupidly powerful mana who loved to destroy things.
However, Iris shook her head.

“I do not believe that Myutos-ojiisama was incapable of doing so, but had he the free time to play with Magia Globus beanbags, he would have spent it on something else to begin with, and Reine-oneesama was perhaps a little too capricious perhaps I should say… She would lose interest in doing something like this, so…”

It wasn’t that they couldn’t do it, but that their personalities meant that they wouldn’t, huh?
Luru understand quite well what Iris was talking about.
If you had to categorise them, Myutos had the disposition of a scholar, and Reine was the type of retard who liked to fire off flashy magic.
And then to Luru’s shock, the memories were so nostalgic that he teared up.

He hadn’t thought that he’d tear up over such a pointless topic.
Both Myutos and Reine had messed about in the day and he’d often turned a cold shoulder on them, but he realised that he quite liked them.

Noticing Luru’s behaviour, Iris said in worry,

“My apologies… I have brought up a topic painful for you who were defeated halfway…”

“No… It’s fine. On the contrary, I’m happy that a nostalgic topic came up. But I see… Just like you say, perhaps I’m the only one who could do it.”

To Luru who pulled himself together and continued speaking, Iris agreed.

“Yes. That is how it is. However, there is something mysterious and odd about this.”


“There is no mistake that you are Ojisama, however, what on earth is that body of yours? It is unmistakably that of a human’s. Furthermore, the age is… It is difficult to say this, but you appear to be a child just like I am. Just what on earth happened…? I believed I could restrain my deep interest, but…”

“Ahh… You’re right. Earlier I said that a lot happened, but…”

“Come to think of it, you did indeed say as such. What did you mean…?”

To Iris who had tilted her head in wonder, Luru was a little confused at how to explain things to her.
However, it was not that difficult an explanation.
Were he to explain it to a human he might need to explain things in quite some detail, but with a demon, it would be fine even with a single word, Luru remembered.
Thus, he spoke.

“It’s simple… Iris. I experienced reincarnation.”

Iris’ widened eyes displayed to Luru her shock.
However, it didn’t at all feel like she had heard something impossible, but rather it seemed close to the kind of shock that someone got from suddenly hearing some joyful news.
Reincarnation was part of the demon race’s faith.
They believed that the world revolved like that, and after inheriting a soul, one would continue living as the next generation.
It was because they believed that that the demons could fight with strong spirits.

After that, Iris slowly took a breath, and asked a question.

“…Which means that after you died, Ojisama, a certain amount of time passed and you were reincarnated as a human?”

Luru smiled at her speed in understanding.
Were he explaining to a human, something like this probably wouldn’t have happened.
In the past, reincarnation was something thought of as heresy to humans, and it was almost outside their imagination.
It would certainly be a bother to explain this way of thinking from start to finish.
Once living beings died, that was the end‘.
That was what humans believed.

Luru answered Iris’ question.

“That’s how it is. Right now I’m definitely a human. In other words, I have a human mother and father. Both of them are good people… and kind people.”

Recalling that Iris might be opposed to this, Luru said what he did.
Though Iris wasn’t the type of hate humans, they were a species that the demons had gone to war with.
It was quite possible that she didn’t hold good will towards them.
To begin with, it was because Iris had felt hatred towards the humans when she had just woken up.
However, the words that left Iris’ mouth were unexpected.

“Having heard those words… Just why, I wonder? I feel relieved.”

“Um, why’s that?”

Luru questioned her with his head tilted to the side.

“It is probably that… hearing about how you reincarnated, Ojisama, and on top of that how you were living a satisfying life as a human, it felt that the little biases that I had were washed away… Huhu.”

Iris suddenly smiled.
When Luru tilted his head in wonder, Iris continued to speak.

“Actually… I may have mentioned this earlier, but after you passed away, Ojisama, my heart was filled with vengeance. I became quite wild…”

With a snap, it felt like time had stopped.
For the beautiful and graceful, silver-haired Iris to have become “wild”, just what…?
Perhaps because she read Luru’s expression, Iris shook her head in a fluster and began defending herself.
It might have been because she didn’t want Luru to dislike her.

“No! No! You are mistaken… Umm, even though I say I was wild… you see… I did not do anything too terrible. It was just to the degree of bringing along some slightly delinquent demons and annihilating the humans forces, or sneaking into the humans camps and leaving the officers and soldiers messages like 『I can kill you at any time, so prepare yourself』 while they slept. It was only these types of things at worst!”

That’s plenty as it is…‘ thought Luru, but sensing that he shouldn’t play the straight man in this atmosphere, Luru decided to change the subject.

“Well, let’s leave that aside. Anyway, does the fact that you could still do that after I died mean that the demon race weren’t wiped out or anything? The way things were going, I wouldn’t have thought it strange if they started large scale demon hunting, but…?”

“Ahh… I see. You do not know about it yet, Ojisama… Indeed, there was demon hunting. It was a truly unfortunate time. The Church dispatched holy knights and the demon race became steadily cornered, and our numbers fell. Had it continued, I believe even the proud demon race would have been eradicated.”

“Had it continued? It didn’t?”

It was unexpected; for the human race who hated them that much to have stopped hunting them, that is.
Iris continued.

“Rather than not continuing, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that they were unable to continue. A while after you passed away, Ojisama, the human forces were divided into two. In other words, they began to experience in-fighting. It was because a clear target like the demon king had disappeared, or so father said, but perhaps the reality was just as he said… One side used the Church as a banner, and the other side was represented by the one who finished you off, Ojisama…”

“…The hero, huh?”

It was something that he could imagine.
In the very end, the seed that Luru had sowed; it had borne fruit.
He didn’t know if it was for good or for bad, but that hero had certainly faithfully fulfilled her promise.
However, the result of that was that the human race split in two.

“Yes. It is quite ironic. The one who killed the demon king was the one who saved the demon race from doom. And then in truth… I do not know what happened after that. I do not know how many years passed, but how is the situation now? It has been on my mind.”

When it got to the part he was most concerned about, Iris merely said that and shook her head.
Luru tilted his head in shock.

“…What do you mean by that?”

As though she was recalling it, Iris slowly answered Luru’s question.

“I mentioned that I brought along some delinquents to attack the humans. One day while I was doing so, somebody used that as an opportunity to capture me… Before I realised it, I was lying atop a bed someplace I did not recognise, and an intolerably sleepiness overcame me. By the time I noticed that it was a long term sleeping device, it was just before I fell asleep, and already too late. And like that, I fell asleep and once I awoke, you were before my eyes, Ojisama. Now that I think about it, that place was probably here, huh?”

“Meaning that you didn’t get in the long term sleeping equipment yourself?”

It wasn’t something that boded too well.
The information that Iris gave was interrupted halfway.
Iris seemed dissatisfied with the information she had herself, and pouted a little while she continued speaking. What she spoke of next was about the characteristics of her captor.

“Yes… There were a somewhat incomprehensible person. They donned a jet-black robe, and because of the hood, I could not see their face. They probably also had a recognition obstruction type of Magus Tool equipped. After all, even when I took a good look at them, I could not find anything out about them… However, I realised that from their figure and their scent, they were probably a woman…”

They couldn’t figure out anything with just that.
Their clothing was nothing more than that of a normal magician or magus, and there were as many female magicians and magi as stars in the sky.
However, the act of capturing a demon without harm meant that they could be expected to be somebody of considerable skill.
Their identity was something to think about. As was their objective.

“I see… But just who was it? Moreover, what’s it mean that they aimed for you, Iris, and even went out of their way to put you in a long term sleeping device?”

“That is something I would like to ask as well. However… right now I feel thankful towards them.”

Iris’ voice and expression suddenly became gentle, and she gazed at Luru with a smile.
Luru tilted his head in wonder.


“Because of them, I was able to meet with you, Ojisama.”

Her voice was filled with deep emotion.
Because she seemed that happy, Luru felt a strong regret, thinking that he had some something inexcusable to her in the past.


To Luru who called her name, Iris spoke as thought entreating him.

“Ojisama. Please… do not die in such a manner again. This is a request from all demons.”

She was probably speaking of how he challenged the heroes by himself.
Because the others were stuck fighting the human armies and warriors Luru had done what he did, but thinking about it now there may have been a better option.
That’s why Luru obediently apologised.

“…It was my bad… But well, I’m a human now. I don’t think it’ll end up like that again.”

“…That seems about right. I would be happy if that were the the case. However… now that you are a human, Ojisama, there is a little problem…”

“What would that be?”

“What kind of position would I need to take to stay by your side?”

Because Iris had spoken about it as though it were obvious, for an instant, Luru’s words were stuck in his throat.
However, Luru had decided in his heart that he would keep her nearby ever since he had seen her lying on the bed of the long term sleeping device.
That’s why he immediately changed gears, and began talking about how they could do so.

“About that, there are some things we need to talk about before that, or we won’t make any progress… Iris, just a while ago you asked about what time it was. Why did you ask that?”

“The long term sleeping device being what it was, I thought it appropriate to ask. Before I fell asleep I had thought so as well, but immediately after I woke up I recognised it as what it was. Moreover, considering the amount of mana that my body had lost, I believed that I had slept for quite a long time. It wouldn’t be odd had I slept for a number of years, or even a number of decades, I thought.”

It seems that Iris’ intuition told her that she had slept for roughly that magnitude of time.
However, the reality was different.
The time that had passed was much, much longer.
And the long flow of time had washed away everything that Luru and Iris had known.
Thinking that he had no choice but to tell her, with a half-desperate resolution, Luru spoke.

“Iris. Listen to me carefully. The current era is a long time after the one we once lived in. It’s probable that some thousands of have passed.”


Iris greatly tilted her head to the side.

Took liberties with the line 「眠っていた場所が場所ですから。眠る直前にも思ったことですが、起きてすぐ、長期睡眠装置だと認識いたしました。」 because it would have sounded much, much too awkward in English. Perhaps there was a better way to do it, but it hasn’t come to mind yet.

/Chapter 9 END

Chapter 10 – The Current Situation, and the Future

“Umm, Ojisama. What did you just say?”

Iris’ sleek silver hair fell from her shoulder as she tilted her head to the side.
Luru had been thinking that he didn’t want to tell her if possible, but that was impossible.
As long as you were living in this world, this era, it was something you needed to accept at the bare minimum.
That’s why he told Iris clearly.

“…Iris. From that time; from the time that I was killed by the hero, thousands of years have passed. I’ll say this just in case, but this is definitely not some misunderstanding. It’s something that I’ve properly confirmed; a reality. Having said that though, I’m only estimating based on things I’ve come across in books and hearsay, so there might be a measurement error, but…”

While speaking about this, Luru hinted that there might be a small possibility of a mistake.
It was in consideration for Iris.
He thought that it might be easier to accept if he spoke about it like that.

Luru had confirmed that there was no mistaking that thousands of years had passed since those days, but it was unreasonable to expect the girl before him to accept immediately.
For now he would have her keep mistakes in mind as a possibility, and then have her slowly comprehend and believe in the reality.

However, Luru had underestimated Iris a little.
There was no mistake that Iris felt shock at Luru’s words, but even so, she was certainly not rejecting his words.
On the contrary, she was properly processing this inside, and even investigated on top of that.

“That is… You must have found some proof that convinced you, correct?”

Whilst feeling shocked, Luru slowly nodded.
Despite her proper speech and the intelligence she had, Iris was still a child.
Unlike Luru, there was no mistake that she was genuinely a child of roughly 10 years old.
Though she had lived a few years after Luru’s death, there was no mistake that she was not yet an adult.
But despite this, Iris calmly spoke to Luru with a pensive expression.

“Ojisama. Ojisama. I am fine… I cannot say that I was prepared, but though I feel sad at having those close to me suddenly having gone far away, but I have become a little used to it already…”

Her words contained a deep grief, and the remains of a sadness that had been worn down from experience, time and time again.
Right…‘ thought Luru.
The period in which Iris had lived, and the period in which Luru had lived were the same.
The weight of a life was unbelievably light, and both of them have seen over and over the scene of a comrade losing their life just a few dozen centimetres away from them.
Though Iris was still a child, she had gone through such experiences; being concerned about her resolution was an incredibly foolish act.


So Luru apologised.
It was an apology as the demon king for failing to protect his race, as well as an apology as her friend for failing to protect his own life.
Iris accepted them with her eyes straight ahead, and then smiled with a soft expression.

“It is fine… Ojisama. I believe that you tried your absolute best. Were it not for you, the demon race probably would not have even survived as long as it did… Both as a banner under which we rallied, as well as the king that we were proud of, you were the hope of we demons. That is why… it is fine. …I apologise. Our conversation has taken a gloomy turn, has it not? I have even made you worry… Right now, what is more important is that I must grasp the current situation. Is that not so, Ojisama?”

Like that, Iris immediately recovered.
Luru felt that he had seen the strength of females.
He was moved by their ability to accept everything, and still choose to move forward.
Perhaps it was just Iris in particular.

However, Luru didn’t think too deeply about it, and continued the conversation to tell Iris what she needed to hear.

“You’re right… We can talk about the past whenever we want. Right… Iris. I’ll confirm it once more. Since that era, thousands of years have passed. And this is important; in the current era, it seems that those of the demon race like you and I don’t exist.”

“…Is that to say that over the thousands of years, they perished?”

Iris asked with a feeble voice, casting her eyes downwards in sorrow.
The demon race had fallen to ruin. It was something that had also passed through Luru’s mind; a sad reality.
However, Iris was right here before him.
There might be other members of the demon race like her that survived into the present.
That was what he now thought.
That’s why Luru shook his head.
It was because they shouldn’t give up hope.

As Luru began to explain, Iris’ expression showed her difficult to express, strange feelings.
Even if she was told that her own race had become something of legend, it was understandable that she some strange emotions about it.
You could say that her expression was natural.

“That is… I seem to have become a very strange existence, haven’t I? However, as you can see, I exist… Will I not be caught if discovered?”

Iris seemed to feel a little worried.
However, Luru shook his head at her question.

“That worry is probably needless, I think. The adventurer that you blew away… Gran, didn’t realise that you were an ancient demon when he saw you sleeping.”

Considering that fact, it was probable that they could overcome any problems by saying that Iris was a human.
There might be a tool that identified your race, but the kind of technology needed for that had declined in this era.
On top of that, Luru thought that it might be easy to find some kind of way out of it.
However, Iris was more cautious than he’d expected, and asked for more details.

“Could it not be the case that only that person doesn’t know?”

Certainly it wasn’t impossible.
In truth he wanted to go to a large town and confirm with more people, but right now that would be difficult.
However, adventurers like Gran and Yuumis were at the end of the day, essentially jack of all trades.
Their knowledge covered things from the everyday to the professional.
It was difficult to imagine that they didn’t even have a common sense level of knowledge.
If Yuumis didn’t know either, then it wouldn’t it support his theory? Or so Luru was thinking.
Yuumis was an ancient demon race freak, and should have known about them in more detail than the average person. For even somebody like her to be unaware of the racial traits of the demon race, meant that Luru’s prediction was correct, you could say.
That’s why Luru explained this to Iris, with that thought as the main principle.

“I think it’d be best to consider such information as something that wasn’t passed down, not only to Gran, but to normal people as well. It seems that that guy is a pretty skilled adventurer, after all. I don’t think there’s any mistake in seeing it as something that normal people don’t know. I don’t know about people with a scholar’s level of knowledge but… We can confirm that later.”

Having heard that much, Iris seemed to finally accept it.
Nodding with a smile, she said,

“I understand. From what I have heard, there seem to be few obstacles that stand in the way of my being by your side, Ojisama.”

Like that, Iris touched on the heart of the matter.
Indeed, you could say that having thought it out that far, there probably wouldn’t be any problems regarding her race.
However, if Iris wanted to stay by Luru’s side, there was a problem that she had to overcome no matter what.

“Yeah, you’re right. There basically don’t seem to be any problems. Like I mentioned before, if we play you off as a human, and moreover an orphan who’s lost her parents, then… But, I also mentioned earlier that I have parents, you see. If we’re to live together, it’s something that we’ll have to overcome no matter what.”

So he said, but Luru didn’t think that it would be a big deal.
As long as Iris understood a certain amount about this era, if they could adjust her story later then things would probably work out somehow.
Hearing Luru’s words, Iris tilted her head to the side.

“Regarding your… parents…? Indeed. I have no skills to offer, and would just become a bother if I did nothing but eat, wouldn’t I…?”

Saying that, Iris began feeling depressed, to which Luru shook his head in a panic.

“No, no, it’s not that! It’s nothing so difficult. It’s just that, if I brought home a girl and told them that I wanted to live with her, my parents wouldn’t just casually accept, right? That’s why I was thinking that we had to deal with that somehow…”

Having heard that, Iris’s expression seemed to say ‘Whaat, is that it?‘ as she clapped her hands together as though she had thought of a good idea.

“In that case, if they hire me as a maid, then!”

What came out of her mouth was that shocking proposal.
However, there was of course no way he could get on board with this.
His home was the house of a noble family. Because of that, they could certainly go ahead with the idea if they wanted, but Iris was the daughter of his friend, and he knew that his friend cared quite a lot for her.
Because of that, there were certainly feelings of wanting to spoil Iris in Luru’s heart.
That’s why Luru shook his head.

“That’s no good… Your hands will become rough.”

That’s why he had no choice but to saying something subtle that seemed like an excuse.
However, it seems that Iris wouldn’t accept it.

“It is all right! Even as I am, I am still a member of the demon race, low my position may be. My hands will not become rough with just something like washing dishes!”

Certainly, that might have been true, but that wasn’t what Luru really wanted to say.
However, because he didn’t have any way of saying it aloud, Luru decided that he had no choice but to deal with the problem later.

“…Well, how about we leave that aside for now? We can just decide later. Ahh, I’m sure it’ll work out. Anyway… let’s go together to the village I’m living in, and have you meet my mother in person. After that, we’ll talk her into accepting you into our house. Yeah, let’s do that.”

At last, Luru ended up forming some haphazard plan, and Iris sighed at him.

“…Like I said, I would have been fine as a maid…”

Iris said.


A short while after that, Gran opened his eyes.

“…Friggin hurts… Oi”

Probably because he had hit them against the wall when Iris blew him away, Gran was now rubbing his head and hips as he stood up. And then, the moment he noticed the awakened Iris,


he backed away with all his strength, and vigilantly guarded with the greatsword that had just now been lying on the ground.
However, Iris didn’t particularly attack him, and moreover, after greatly tilting his head at Luru who was sitting next to her, he loudly shouted from a distance.

“Oi! What’s going on!?”

“Ohhh, it seems that it was a misunderstanding! She said that she won’t attack you any more!”

Luru shouted back in a voice just as loud.
Gran then replied,

“Haah!? …I have no idea what you’re on about… But it seems she really won’t attack, huh. There’s no bloodlust[/killing intent]…”

Muttered Gran, as he approached them.
His greatsword went back into its scabbard, and he placed it back on his back.
It seems that he felt there was no longer any need to fight.

And truly, the antagonism that Iris had shown when she first woke up was now nowhere to be seen and she was now just smiling in a seemingly good mood, so Gran ended up losing his ill-will as well.
However, it seems that he still hadn’t forgotten the intensity of the first blow, and gazed at Iris like he was looking at a wild beast, before asking,

“…Hey, little miss[/ojouchan].”

“Yes? Whatever is the matter, Gran-sama?”

“I don’t really fit the title “Gran-sama”, but… Well whatever. Why did you attack me?”

It was an extremely natural thing to ask.
No matter how broad-minded Gran was, being attack without any reason whatsoever was beyond acceptable.
If they wanted to reconcile, then she had to at least tell him the reason why.
Iris understood this, and while her face cheeks red in embarrassment, she said,

“That was… although I am embarrassed to say this, what people refer to as a misunderstanding, or a case of mistaken identity…”

“What do you mean?”

“For a moment, I mistook you, Gran-sama, for the enemy that killed somebody very important to me. However, now that I take another look, you seem completely different… I am truly ashamed… I realise that it changes nothing now, but I am truly sorry for what I did…”

Hearing this, Gran made a slightly sad expression and muttered in a barely audible volume,

“Taking revenge at that age, huh… So the reason she’s that skilled at magecraft is for revenge… Her daily training must’ve been hard enough to spew blood… It’s a bloody cruel world.”

Because of his mana circulation, Luru had physical capabilities that exceeded a normal person’s, meaning that he could hear Gran perfectly, but the two of them didn’t particularly point anything out.
After that, Gran flashed a bright smile and spoke.

“I got it! If that’s how it is, then there’s no problem. Let’s leave this as an unlucky accident!”

He was a man you wanted to like.
Because of this time’s events, both Luru and Iris thought so from the bottom of their hearts.

“It truly helps that you are willing to say that. Thank you very much, Gran-sama.”

Said Iris, as she bowed.

“Like I said, -sama doesn’t suit me…”

Replied Gran, but he didn’t seem unhappy.
Since it seemed that they’d be able to leave here without any ill feelings, Luru felt relieved.
He spoke.

“Now that we’ve reconciled, how about we return to the village? There’s also the issue of this girl, …Iris, after all.”

“Ahh… That’s right, why was this little miss in a place like this?”\

At Gran’s question, Luru replied,

“I asked about this while you were sleeping, but it seems that while she was being chased by an enemy, she unfortunately fell into a trap and was stuck sleeping. We don’t know how long she’s been sleeping, but we probably don’t have a way to check. Her parents don’t seem to be around anymore… Since we got along after talking for a while, I was wondering if she couldn’t live with us in the village.”

He didn’t tell a single lie.
It was just that he omitted the details.
Gran was nodding, seemingly fine with this explanation.
Iris didn’t particularly interject, and it seems she was leaving it up to Luru.

“I see. A trap, huh. Well, I guess with these kind of ruins, there’s stuff like that too, huh. Her parents being gone means that… she doesn’t have anybody to rely on, huh?”


“Meaning… Right. Since you two got along, it might be better for her to live close to you, huh… If she went to the city, she’d just end up in the slums after all…”

Saying that, Gran seemed to look into the distance, perhaps because he was considering her welfare as a child who lost her parents at a young age, and ended up cornered by an enemy.
It seems that Gran was a compassionate person.

Progressing with their mutual understanding like that, Luru spoke.

“Well then, shall we go?”


“Yes, let us go.”

Like that, the three of them began heading towards the exit of the ruin.

He was a man you wanted to like.‘ is actually ‘He was a man who made you feel good.‘ but that sounds dirty & awks to me. Is it because I’m a pervert, or…?

/Chapter 10 END

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